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The cicada killer of Oberon Drive

The lawn is in desperate need of a good mow.

I ask DH to mow it last Thurs. It rained hard. But he could have done it BEFORE it rained because the hard stuff didn't start until almost 2 pm. What were you doing honey??? ;) I love you crazy blond man.

So Sunday I mowed the front lawn and did weed eating (yay, I finally know how to work the darn thing!!!). Monday I went to mow it around my schedule with Papaw and it rained. DAMMIT

I wake up today and pray that the weather holds long enough to mow that lawn down in the back!

Tina is up with kids (that's my SIL) and I nabbed Josh (her oldest - J-Bro's step) and we come over here. Before even starting to mow the lawn Josh had earned his pay. He helped me figure out how to move the seat in the van back and helped me get out of the garage and install the middle seat. That was quite the task in and of itself.

Why can't I have one of those minivans that the seats just fold down???? Oh yeah, we're poor.

So we get the lawn mower out and I have to show Josh the tricks of this POS and he starts mowing. Well, its so high, and its wet from all of the rain underneath, that he has trouble at first. So I show him another trick. The one where you hold the mower's front end up slightly and then go back over it later.

He gets a lot of it mowed. I did a lot of weed eating and destroying - Honey, I have cleared the corner jungle. Guess what I found? The neighbors behind us use that exact corner to pile their branches and stuff and so that's where all of our invasion has come from is them. GRRRRRRRRRR - Plus they have weeds growing through the fence from that pile into our yard. I cut down as much as I could there.

I started the weed eater and Josh yells "Hey! Can I do that?" and I tell him he can. I give it to him and I take over mowing the lawn.

I get most of it mowed and he gets done with weed eating and he says "I'll take that back now". Currently he's mowing the rest and BBK is supervising. "You missed a spot!" I keep hearing her call out to him from her perch on the swingset (that I had already mowed around so she is safe there).

Its time to hit the showers for me!!!!

One house down, one house to go.

OOPS - forgot to add about the cicadas - silly me - while I was mowing the lawn I noticed a bunch of the shells being crunched under by the blades. I also think I saw one or two of the adults go with them. I found lots of shells on the trees and called BBK back to see them. Then I see a full adult on a leaf by the tree and point that out to her. THEN I discover a HALF of an adult, the front, it was still moving and alive. Apparently we mowed it. The one was in close to the tree and was safe. It was out farther and was chopped.

Yes, the cicada killer of Oberon Drive has struck. 17 years later I don't have my firebird / trans am - but I still drive the same stretches of roadway.



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