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Have you ever?

Read a post by someone, wanting so badly to comment you can taste it, to the point that you can envision all of the things you want to say, and then hold your tongue?

I'm a Lady Leo who is headstrong, outspoken, and over opinionated.

I read a post recently that I just wanted to go *pounce* on and be vicious, and nasty, OR sickenly sweet, playing down and dirty with my sultry purrs and vibrations.

But I can't say one damn word. Because, despite my oh so strong desire to be a juvenile, someone has to be the adult. That's me.

I've been the adult since I was 9. I had to grow up fast. Long story that, one I do not wish to go into any length here about. Its none of your biz anyway - well, a couple people on here know what I'm blathering on about and they are currently completely ignoring this paragraph.

I am the strong one. I am the scary one. I am the one in the forefront. I'm the 'heavy' who stands behind with arms crossed giving a look that says 'I dare you to bring it on'.

Someone has to be. Why not me.

I read these absolutely halerious (sp?) books within the last 6 months. The second one was called "Diary of a Fat Bride". I can't recall the name of the first one. I loved them so much I recommended them to Dita. They just so reminded me of us in our younger years. (Like we are so old now - ha!) Dita says "You're the pretty friend".

Ok, maybe I am, though I think there are other friends of mine more pretty than I. Dita is one of the most beautiful people I know. She would never say that.

Dita is the uber scary friend. She's the schemer, the ultimate evil that you mother warned you existed. (I can see you grinning right now GF.)

I'm not as scary as she is but I've been told I'm pretty scary myself. Its that temper I hide so well.

Its because of that temper that makes me want to rise up and give hell to someone who believes they know everything, are everything, and in doing so attacks in some petty way because they cannot conceive that when they do and say the things I have read, that they would have to be looking in a mirror to write them.

If they are an adult, then may I never grow up. Because I never want to be like that, EVER.


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May. 21st, 2004 02:27 pm (UTC)
Did you ever just read a post and go "Pull your head out of you ass, grow up and soem some fucking responsibility for the complete clusterfuck you call you life because you did it all yourdelf. Every dumbass choice - was yours."

All the time. But I usually don't because I would be seen as being mean and picking on their victimhood. Which is why I suppose the goth movement is so popular. You don't have to do anything, take responsibilty, just lay around and say "woe is me".

The Idiot Girl Adventure Club - Laurie somethingorother

You are so sweet!!

Love ya babe!
May. 23rd, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
The really true thing of it is with these people - they are not worth it.

Which is why I don't do the comments thing like I'd like. Or anything else for that matter.

Even when they bait you to attack, to victimize them some more. You just have to turn your back and walk away. You have better things to do. Besides, baiting a person is just another juvenile "I'm so dark and gothy" and "I'm trying to bring you down to my level" tactic. Its a Freshman in HS thing. Its an attempt at volleying for a position that doesn't even exist except in their own minds.

shakes head

Now you know why my circle of true friends, loyal friends, is so small. I try to give people a chance, even when others warn me not to, because you never know. Its when they become petty and stooopid towards me and mine that I learn my lesson about them. And we know that I don't always learn my lesson well.

Yet I'm a defender, I defend what is mine - as a Lion, my friends are part of my Pride, and I am the defender of my Pride.

I pitty people who are like this. Pitty them. They just don't get it.

I think its the Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club or something like that - her name is Laurie and her last name escapes me too.

You are so sweet!!

Love ya babe!

Thanks! I love you too!
May. 21st, 2004 03:18 pm (UTC)
May. 23rd, 2004 03:20 pm (UTC)
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