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I feel pretty

Wahahahahahahahahahahahaha (cough cough, hack)

Boss let me leave early even though it was my long day so that I could go to the doc.

Doc took one look at my throat and went "Oh. My. God."

Well - DUH - that IS what Strep looks like

My ears checked out fine, my lungs checked out fine, my nose is stuffy and my throat looked awful.

I told him what I was taking. He said that should have already kicked it out. I only was experiencing side effects.

So he gave me some drug samples. He said it was $100 worth of meds or more.

And he told me it was a derivitave of one of the drugs I'm allergic to. He said that I had a 20% chance of being allergic to it too because of that. Sigh.

But I'm taking it anyway. And after taking the first dose last night, I slept better.

Today, 2nd dose down, I still feel a slightly sore throat but nowhere NEAR the painful swallowing I had experienced this week.

My lymph node on the right side is still swollen. It still hurts to touch it. So I don't touch it.

I still don't quite feel like eating. But at least I'm not naucious (?) any more.

So I feel better. YEA!

But now bigstan is sick with this thing and until he gets his butt into the doc and gets him some meds I told him to STAY AWAY. I canNOT have a repeat of this thing.

Kiddlings are still seemingly fine. My fingers are crossed that they do not come down with this funk.

I think though that if they were going to, they would have had it by now as it only took bigstan two days to get it after he drank out of my Coke. He swears it can be passed before symptoms are experienced through body fluids.

I think he is just being gross.

Ah well. Such is life.



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