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Such Fun

Well, I did it. I sat down with the boss from hell and told him that I was looking for another job. We talked a while. He is okay with this but there was the undertone of implication from him that he does not think I will find another job better than this one is.

What benefits do I have here?

I can use the postage machine. Oooo. He buys lunches about 2x per week. Oooo. He passes hand me down clothes from his kids to mine. Oooooo.

He told me that he thought about what he said to me about not allowing me to take a vaction. As in, I have one I can take but I cannot take my days together. He changed his stance on that.

He also added 5 days to the calendar year that I can take as either vacation days or as sick days.

That is a start.

But I have no health insurance. And I told him that my entire paycheck the first week of the month goes to pay the health insurance I am carrying on myself as well as the mortgage payment on the house.

He just shrugged. He then told me he would give me a raise in July when I have been with him 3 years.


These things are not enough.

I am the sole source of income for my house. I have two kids. I am a single mom.

I need more.

I need the excellent benefits. I need health insurance with prescription coverage. I need retirement. I need paid sick days. I need paid holidays (I do have those to an extent). I need vacation. I need to be allowed to be sick or be off to take care of my children or on vacation and not have to worry about the office and the freaking out boss.

He heard me. He said he understands me.

I told the other assistant. This woman is almost 70. She is wonderful and I view her as an aunt. My own mother is into her 50s now so this woman could be like an older sister to my mom.

I love C dearly. She has TSIs (?) that are mini-strokes. Too much stress causes them and there is nothing that can be done to prevent them.

She NEEDS to work. She has her SS but that is not enough for her to live on. She had no retirement nor does she here.

She deserves more.

But she is stressed out that I am leaving because we are like a little family here.

I will agree with her on that one. The family that is.

The boss from hell is like a older brother whom I would beat up if I were allowed to and C is like the mom.

She is the only thing I worry about in leaving here. But I cannot allow that to burden me and keep me down.

I hate it here. Not what I do, but that I have nothing. And he just bought a brand new 2003 Lincoln Navigator.

This is the 8th - yes EIGHTH - car he has purchased since I started working for him. He collects cars.

He has about 15 now. Some vintage Caddys. Two Jags. A Fire Bird. Two Lincoln Navigators. A limo. And the list goes on and on.

He pays full coverage on them. He pays full coverage on the building he purchased to house them in. He pays for specialty plates on each of them. He pays electric and heat on the building.

Plus he refurbished his kitchen when he got married in 2001.

Paid cash. For everything.

So, after reading that - is 5 extra days, being allowed to take vacation consecutively, being allowed to use the postage meter, a few free lunches, some free clothes for my kids - is that worth staying for?


If he can buy all of that, pay for all of that - he can afford to give me retirement and health insurance benefits with prescription coverage.

I'm looking for a new job.

I'm going to continue to look unti I find something.


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Feb. 3rd, 2003 07:24 am (UTC)
Let me explain this
Get another job,
give your 2 weeks,
help find a temp.

SCREW Tim with the Lincoln
don't look back

Repeat after me:

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