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Can't win for losin

So I'm over the strep throat - great. Starting yesterday, I get up with my throat dry and scratchy again and my sinuses in full swing.

Last night I felt like crap and sent Lil Bro out for NiQuil. I didn't want to wake up this morning.

So I got up and took some DayQuil. Yuck.

I'm coughing and sneezing and runny yet stuffed up nose and dry throat.

I finished my strep meds last night and I have two Zithro left so I took one of them this AM and I will take the other one tomorrow to make sure there are meds in my system to cover bases.

I don't want to call the dr. I have no money for meds.

I hate being sick.

To top it off, I may have a job interview on Friday so I don't need to get sick for that!!!!

I got a call from the service that is a client of a former boss whom I put my resume in with on Monday.

They have a firm in Blue Ash that is a financial firm looking for someone to train and to promote.

It is a full time job. With benefits. With back up should I need it.

He was going to talk to the guy and call me back this afternoon to tell me if the interview is a go.

Blue Ash. Not a bad drive. About 45 min. But add in taking kids to sitter, then drive to work. Sigh.

Maybe I can get the guy to do a 9 - 5 thing instead of 8:30 to 5. That'll give me time to get the kids to the sitter and then to work.

I'm looking into it. It doesn't hurt to look at it.

Maybe I will have a change of profession. Who knows.

Ooooo - I just love junk mail. We get promotions type of stuff all of the time. Wanting the boss from hell to waste his money on pens and the like. I just keep the pens for use in the office and toss the rest.

I just got a calculator for my purse.

I never give the boss this stuff. Hee, hee. Its mine. He told me that he doesn't want the stuff anyway. He would just throw it out himself.

As the "office manager" it is my discretion to do with this stuff as I please.

Ergo - I get to keep it or throw it away.

The pens we get are useless. They last about three times and that is it. I think they only put enough ink in those things to give you a sample.

Back to the original premise of this entry - I don't feel 100%. I hate it. I want to go back to being well.

I know its the weather. But if I don't kick the sinus thing shortly, then I will have strep again - I just know it. My poor throat is so vunerable right now.

I have done everything I can think of to protect it and kick out the sinuses. Short of calling the dr back whom I can't afford to go see or get meds from.

Having no money sux. Having health insurance that does not cover prescriptions sux.

Two reasons I need a better job. More money, health insurance with prescription drug coverage.

Of course the biggest reasons are the kids. But the rest helps out.

As I heard recently, have patience, it will come.

So, waiting for the job thing to happen - and trying to get better - I wonder which is going to happen first. . .



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