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This line . . .

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.

---- Marianne Williamson

I find so profound. Because we each of us downplay who we are, apologizing for our accomplishments, not tooting our own horns, hiding behind false faces, baggy clothes, and anything else we can hide behind. Because we learned as little children NOT to toot our own horns and NOT to be proud of our accomplishments for fear that others would see us as being snobbish or haughty or overly proud.

We fear - and yes, it is a "we" thing as a society in general - that we are inadequate and every flaw found within us - whether it be ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, simple mood swings, or something more physical than mental - makes us less than *normal*.

Who is normal? Who? Tell me just one person who is normal.

You can go in any direction here, religious, whatever. And in each person's time you would point out to me, they were considered *freaks*.

The love of my life tells me I'm a freak and I'm strange and I'm weird.

You know what? He is right. I am all of these things. I'm also much more. And he knows this. He is not serious when he calls me these things.

I'm just different from him. I'm different from you, the rest of the world. As he, and the rest of the world, including my children, are from me.

I know I will probably continue to downplay who I am, my accomplishments, because it is hard to undo years and years of programming.

But I won't forget this line. Because it is so profound. It makes me think about who I am.



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