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I used to let them sleep and drive in to work in the AM all by my lonesome. Until I found a sitter close to the office because the sitter who used to sit with them at home took another, non-daycare, job.

Now they come in with me and I take them home at night. I hate waking them up in the AM to get them ready, its enough for me to get ME ready, but now that he is 5 and can get himself dressed, that helps me out a lot.

What I find the best is that we talk or we listen to music and sing together.

I enjoy our conversations. I especially enjoy it when a song comes on the radio that we all three like and we all three are singing.

To hear them singing along with me is not only music to my ears but music to my heart and soul.

Sometimes we sing when the radio is not on. We sing pop songs that they like. One of them, usually him, starts and my 3 year old daughter and I join in.

There are times when she will not let us join in on a song because it is HER song and she wants to be the one to sing it alone.

It is hard not to sing it when we like it too, and it is hard not to laugh at her when she gets all up in arms about us singing.

She will yell "Stop singing!" and hold her hand up trying to make you stop.

Then she never sings the rest of the song anyway.

I also enjoy hearing their interpretation of a song's lyrics. She is still growing in her vocabulary so her interpretations are the funniest and she just makes up words to fit. Words that are nonsensical.

His version of lyrics can really set the funny bone to giggling. I posted his thoughts on "devil in disguise" to mean "devil in the sky" from Madonna's 'Beautiful Stranger' in an earlier post.

They are really into music right now. They each got a Veggie Tales video for Christmas from bigstan's mom. They know the words to all of the songs to them. bigstan just got them a new one. They have yet to watch it repeatedly to learn its music.

They watch videos in their room while they play. You look into their room at them and see them playing with the video on and you think that they are not watching the video because they are too busy playing with cars or dolls or just whatever toy they have at that time, only to really listen and hear them speaking at the same time as the video, saying exactly what is being said on the tv.

But they are playing too!

The basement is now in a position that they can go down and play. There are three tubs of toys and a large box. That does not include their toy box that is still in their room that needs to go downstairs.

I have a 19" tv I'm taking down and I have a VCR down there that only plays and rewinds. I'm going to use it more for me though as I need to start working out and I have purchased a bellydance video so that I can learn that.

I'm not one to get out and go to the gym or to a studio. I have two kids and I'm a single mom and I have no one who can step in and watch them for me so that I can go do these things.

I have two big rugs in the basement. The kids are told that they MUST stay on these rugs. At least their toys are currently on the rugs. But that does not mean that THEY are staying on the rugs when they are down there.

As a parent there are times when you must let go and trust. It is a hard thing to do.

The back yard is fenced in. When they wanted to go out to play this past summer I let them out the back door with the gate closed. I was out there every 5 minutes to check on them.

My son, who was 4 at the time, told me to leave them alone and let them play, that they were fine, and he promised he would NOT hit his sister in the head with the glider when she ran past him while he was on it.

He can get violent with it. He likes to swing it really high and it is not meant to swing like that. It sounds like it is going to come crashing down any moment when he gets to swinging on it like that.

I look forward to them going out again and playing on it in the spring.

Sadly, when we move, we will have to leave it behind. I only hope that where we move to we can have another swingset like that. Huge with much to play on.

I love my kiddlings. I'm enjoying this time with them. They have gotten so big so fast. I miss those bald headed babies of only a few years ago.



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