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I have lived in my house since October 1989. In November 1989 I lost all water. Turns out the water froze out in the street and the City had to fix it because it was the City's problem.

In early 2000 I started losing all water pressure that I *did* have and had to have the plumber out to re-do the lines from the street to the house. At that time the plumber moved the water meter from the back of the basement to the front of the basement.

The same plumber came in on Tuesday and worked miracles.

He removed all of the old pipes (that were like 100 years old - exaggeration but pretty accurate in the way they looked). He installed all new copper plumbing. He rerouted lines so that I did not have as many pipes running through my basement.

He installed new plumbing pipes on my old wash tub. It cleaned up really well and looks really good.

He installed a drain for my washing machine. I just need to go out and purchase an extension for the tube that comes out of the machine itself but once that is done, it will drain directly into the city sewer instead of the wash tub and under my basement going out to who knows where.

My basement looks so, so BIG.

The old coal converted furnace was the first thing to go - well - it was the second thing contracted out to do as the first was to have the basement waterproofed. No more leaks when it rains - YEA.

And now with the plumbing fixed . . . I was almost blown out of the shower when I turned it on and climbed in.

The water heats in almost ZERO seconds. Even better.

My sink in my bathroom finally drains properly again. Now to install the new plumbing to it and install the new sink too.

My bathroom is the first room in the house to be redone. It is getting an overhaul.

I need a new shower head now. A water saver one. I never needed one before because I had no water pressure.

I am so excited. It is wonderful to see it all coming together.

After the new roof is put on I will side the house.

I will have a whole new house!!!

I'm selling it immediately!

I have been there too long. I do NOT want my kids in that school district.

It is a tiny two bedroom home.

Now there is a play room in the basement for the kids and I'm thinking about moving my bedroom down there so that the kids - being one of each sex - can each have their own bedroom until I can get it sold and we can move.

I have so much work to do. But to see what has been done already done, I'm happy and I'm eager and I'm excited.

YEA!!! I have water pressure.



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