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And a little scared

So I had my interview. What was supposed to last an hour lasted three. But that's okay.

It was good. I met with 6 different people in all. Two of them were the attorney's again.

I was told I would either know that evening immediately or I would not know until Thursday at the latest.

My nerves are going POING - they are on fire.

I am very antsy.

I talked to my current boss yesterday who offered me a nice raise. But he still does not offer me any benefits. I won't get retirement offered until July (my 3 yr anny).

I also told him about the possibility of this job. He said that he wanted to know what they were offering me so that he could review it and see what he could offer similar or better.

Can you hear me laughing?

He also told me to call the temp agency he originally got me through and see if they had anything. They don't. I don't foresee them getting anybody that good from the pool they have. They were lucky to get me.

I didn't realize what all I do around here until I had to describe what we are looking for in order to replace me.

This position requires someone familiar with the internet and email. Someone who can write a pleading from scratch or a letter from scratch. Someone who can take the most minute direction, can pick up the file, and figure out what all needs done from there. Someone who can answer phones and deal with clients - they may be friendly, bitchy, whiny, nasty, or any of the above at any given time. I have one client who, every time she calls, as soon as she hears my voice starts bawling her eyes out about her situation. An "oh woe is me" type person.

She did it to herself. She was caught cheating and hubby filed for divorce. He also cut her off from all finances and is trying to turn the kids against her as well.

That happens.

Where I would be going, IF I get the job, is as an Admin Asst, working WITH two attorneys, several paralegals, and basically on my own.

I would have health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, a 401K plan, 5 paid off days in year one and 15 paid off days beginning in year two. That's one week vacation then THREE weeks vacation. Eyes bug out of head.

Right now I'm lucky to have 10 paid off days. I only got that because he decided to give me the extra five days since I have been with him for about three years. I got the first 5 days after a year and a half. Wooo. Whooptee Doo.

I should get back to work. I have to figure out how to word an affidavit.


I'm so nervous and scared about the possible new job. I so want it so bad. I'm just afraid because they are taking their time I may not hear a positive from them if they take too long.

I had one place that I interviewed with that never even called me back to tell me I was NOT the candidate.

I supposed if I don't hear back by Friday then I will call them on Friday and see what is going on, etc.

Wish me luck!



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