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Never ceases to amaze me

My 5 yo that is. Last night I was folding laundry. He put his stuff away for me and she put her stuff away for me. Then she was extra bad so she got sent to her room to stay there, even put her in her jammies and she went to sleep. It was almost bedtime anyway.

I go back to folding clothes after putting away towels and washclothes. All clothes. Mostly theirs.

After the first basket was done and put away, my 5 yo pulls the next basket over, sits down, and starts folding.

I asked him if he would like me to help. He says, No mom (in a 5 yo indignant voice), I've got it under control.

So I sat down and started watching TV while watching him out of the corner of my eye.

My mom calls. So he decides that I really need to fold sissy's laundry right at that moment.

But before he can finish folding his laundry he MUST talk to his mamaw. His conversation was short but he told mamaw we were spending time together and he was helping me out.

Now, this AM there is a basket of folded clothes that needs put away and even more clothes (folded) stacked on the chair that needs put away - but the fact is - with his help - they are folded and ready to be put away.

I HATE folding laundry. Don't mind doing it - just hate to fold it and put it away.

What I hate even more than folding laundry is matchin socks . Sigh. So right now there is a rubbermaid hamper sitting 3/4 full with clean socks. Oh, there are plenty of pairs in there, I just hate trying to figure them out.

After all the laundry is put away, the next load to be folded brought up and put away, and another load started, maybe then, MAYBE, I will sort out the socks and match them.

Until then, I'm content rummaging through the hamper trying to find mates / pairs.

But my 5 yo continues to amaze me at what he does, how he helps out.

If only I could get him that interested in cleaning his room.

SURE, he'll fold and put away laundry, SURE, he'll vacuum - but clean his room? 'chortle, chortle, chortle'

Sigh. It is grand being a mom!!!!!!!!



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