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I must be getting sick

I had the most bizzare dream last night. I only have really bizzare dreams that I remember when I'm feeling sick, am sick, or getting sick.

The dream started with me and my boyfriend insert generic person here frequenting McDonalds. We continuously met this father with his little daughter. As the dream progressed, generic boyfriend disappears and I'm with the father. I took the daughter to the potty and we ended up in this nasty restroom where the lighting was bad and none of the toilets were in stalls, just open. Since it was for the little girl I just put her on a toilet that looked the cleanest in this dingy place.

Suddenly I'm in an apartment building in a nice apartment. The black LT and the one cop (the guy who played Baby's dad in Dirty Dancing) from Law & Order were there with me. They were looking for someone matching the father's description. I had the daughter with me.

The door knob starting jiggling and we all ducked behind various furniture. No one came in even though the door opened and closed like someone had. This freaked the little girl, so I took her out and up to an apartment with these two women I knew. One was a brunette and the other was a blond. They smoked cigarettes and this bizzare thing that looked like a mesh triangle with pot in it. I told them I needed them to watch the little girl so I could go get some things because the cops were after me.

They were indifferent and I left the little girl there.

Suddenly I'm in a warehouse club. I'm not a member. I'm shopping for panties for the little girl. I pick up something else too and cannot "see" what it is that I have. It appears to be in a tube.

So I talk to a warehouse club worker and they tell me that I cannot purchase anything because I'm not a member. So I just leave the panties and the other thing there and waunder off.

Now I'm in the meat department and I'm cutting meat. The meat is either pork or beef, my dream waivered on this, and I could not cut the meat evenly and got big chunks or little chunks. I kept lifting up the cutting part of it because it kept getting stuck when I sent the meat through.

When I finish I gather it all up and take it to the check out and ask if I can purchase it because I'm not a member and the cashier said of course I could. So I take the meat out of a bag and start to wrap it in saran type wrap. In the process I come across a severed finger that looks like it has been in water a long time. It is white, clammy, and looks like one of my fingers.

So I look at my hands and discover that I have cut my right hand's pinky finger off. Yet it appears to be an old wound because the skin had nicely grown over the stub and I cannot remember feeling the pain of cutting my finger off. Yet somehow this severed finger is my pinky finger. So I threw it away.

In the meantime I remember that the police were driving around looking for me.

I leave the meat at the warehouse club and go off somewhere, I don't know where because that's when I woke up.

My right hand pinky finger is fully intact.

I'm scratching my head and thinking WTH? because the entire dream the little girl was the most constant yet she was not MY child.

I started wondering this morning after being fully awake if perhaps the little girl was possibly my inner child. But why would I leave her with pot heads?

What's the deal with the dirty restroom? The severed finger? The warehouse club? Looking for little girl panties? And why were people from a TV show there as their characters?

These are the parts of the dream that are most vivid to me.

I must be getting sick.



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