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I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt of this house with all these people in it that I supposedly knew well but didn't for some reason. One person was Adrian Paul (of TV Highlander fame). Another was Drekk.

I had gone driving. There was an accident that I was aware of and I was trying to figure out how it had occurred.

Then I went home and I had been gone a long while and someone had left the coconut creame pie out on the kitchen table and ruined the last piece. I was mad that I had to throw it out. Its my favorite pie. I felt lucky I had had the largest piece before I had left.

Suddenly I was some bad person for something I had apparently done but I didn't know what it was and I was locked in the basement until the next morning. Thank goodness it was a finished basement.

Then I was taken out and I was taken into this parking lot to a waiting limo. It was tan with tan leather interior. There were a bunch of us leaving on a vacation.

I asked the servant to put my bags in the trunk and my purse in the limo for me. Many servants were loading the limo for the trip.

The limo driver was the bulter from Joe Millionare.

Drekk suddenly was triplets. He was himself, bigstan was another one and Adrian Paul was the third. So he was triplets who looked like three different people and WAS three different people.

bigstan's character put his luggage in the trunk of the limo as he was the last one in and running late.

There was this girl in the limo when I climbed in and we talked. I don't recall what it was about but I gather it was about men.

I remember trying to get into the limo from the driver's side but it was parked too close to the big white crappy pick up truck so I went around and climbed in from the passenger side.

There was seating for six and there were two purses inside when I got in, one belonging to me and another woman who was to make the trip with us, who was not the woman already in the limo.

We left from the new Wal Mart parking lot in Middletown.

Then we appeared at a fancy department store. We were wearing ball gowns and the men were wearing tuxes and we were there to see a movie.

While people shopped around us we all went in seperate directions to find seats for the movie. All the people there to see the movie congrigated in different alcoves that contained the type of folding padded chairs. We sat down and we ate snacks on these chairs, and drank champaign. Everything was served on and in styrofoam.

When it was time for the movie to start we moved our chairs as they were all lined around the alcove walls and we moved them to face where the movie screen was at.

There were shoppers in the way and there were curtains in the way. The shoppers could not leave the curtains alone.

I remember hoping that no one sat behind us as I don't think they could have seen around me. I kept wondering where the heck bigstan was at because he had suddenly disappeared.

Then I woke up to the sound of my alarm and the cat protesting because I moved and he was comfortable pinning my arm to the bed.



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