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I have a headache

and I've had one now for a day and a half. It started after napping yesterday and it has not let up. I have taken headache meds, I have taken Ibuprophen, I have taken Acetiominiphen (?sp). Not one darn thing works.

I have even drank caffine in hopes that it would help me out somehow and it has not.

I want to scream but that would make it worse.

To top things off my son has decided to be a butt head. The boy has decided that it is open season on beating his sister. It is typical sibling rivalry, or some such nonsense, jealousy even perhaps.

That is going to drive me crazy.

I cannot wait to get home, get into cooler clothing, and deal with the kids. If only he will listen and obey and do what he is told as punishment for kicking his sister hard enough in the side to cause her to perhaps bruise, then that will be one of them I don't have to deal with at all.

She will be in rare form realizing that bubby is confined to sitting and she is not.

I hate to punish my kids, what parent doesn't?, but it has to be done. He has to know that I will not tolerate this behavior. Negative attention is NOT good attention.

I want my headache to go away.

Maybe cooler clothing will do it for me. Maybe not.

The bright side of that nap was I got to coonoodle with bigstan. I love coonoodling with him. We snuzzled on the couch on Saturday morning watching cartoons while the kids played in their room. That was a nice treat.

I would say my weekend overall with bigstan was wonderful.

Of course there are things I would change, such as the time we get to spend together, but that will be changing in June all on its own and maybe after that I will WANT the time away from him that happens now.

I'm sure at some point I will want it.

I think that maybe this coming weekend, while he gets to go play at a LAN party on Saturday night, I will get my mom to keep the kiddlings for me so I will have a night all by my lonesome. Ahhhhhh, that will be so nice. Who knows, maybe I'll get ahold of writanya or someone and see if they want to do a movie and dinner or something.

Then Sunday we have our first pre-marital counseling session. After an all night LAN party I'm not sure how bigstan will be, but we will find out on Sunday.

It's Monday, I have a headache, and already looking forward to next weekend.

Isn't that sad?!?



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