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Always a day or more late - giggles

First thing - on Saturday I took the kiddlings and myself to Great Clips and did much hair cutting. The Man had his hair buzzed. I had the Booda bobbed. Her hair is ADORABLE!!!!! I then had 8 inches removed from my head. It feels so much better. And the curl is more prominent now.

bigstan is so way not happy with me for chopping my hair, but it is not his hair. He does not have to care for it, he does not have to look at it every day, he does not have to deal with it. It was driving me nuts and it had to go.

Not many people have noticed that I got it cut. I would say that 8 inches is a significant amount off of a persons locks. Apparently not.

Second thing - bigstan did a good good thing. He started his fourth quarter of his first year of school last Wednesday. On Friday he goes into his first Composition class. One of his chums tells him she is testing out of the class. So he goes and talks to the teach who tells him that unless he has made prior arrangements to do so, no he cannot test out.

He shrugs it off. Then the teach gives out this test that is meant to see where the students are at level wise in regard to English and Composition, etc. He takes it. On Monday his chum says she is going to see the Comp teach to see if she did indeed test out. When she returned she informed bigstan that the Comp teach wants to see him.

So he goes to see the Comp teach who asked him to walk with her. She tells him he has done something unprecidented. She goes on to explain what she uses the test he took on Friday for and informs him that the majority of the people only score 40% on the test. The rest score lower as the test is a very very advanced test.

So what did he do that was so unprecidented? He scored 90%. Yes, I said he scored 90%. Not only did he pass the test way above the rest, he passed with an A.

The Comp teach said that she went and spoke to the Asst. Dean and told him what had happened and asked if bigstan could test out of the class and what did he need to do to do that. The AD told the Comp teach that bigstan simply needs to write an essay and submit a resume.

So all day yesterday bigstan had planned on spending it in writing the essay and preparing his resume.

Of couse I didn't talk to him yesterday so I don't know WHAT if anything got done.

The man is a procrastinator. But with regard to something this important I can only hope that he did not go out goofing off with either of his best friends.

Knowing him he probably did go goofing off. But I'm so hoping not.

I am so very proud of him and this accomplishment.

If he tests out then he has his Friday nights clear and this means that the day before our wedding we can spend together getting all last second things done. This means we can actually have a wedding rehearsal.

I am so proud of him. I could just burst.

bigstan and my kiddlings - I am the happiest person in the whole world.



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