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I'm so stoked!

EB at FFM is going out of biz. Their last day is April 30th. I have already bought 5 biz outfits and a sweater from them.

However, I've been keeping my eyes on the percentages off because I have my eye on a KitchenAide mixer. I want one badly. They are expensive. But EB carries them and they have them now at the FFM store. From what I am told, people are buying clothing but not appliances, yet.

So in doing a favor for another assistant in the building, she comes to pick up the document, and tells me that she was shopping there and bought all of these baby clothes (she's PG). She further tells me that her mother works there one day a week for the employee discount as its her mother's favorite store.

She gets these friends and family discounts. So the percentage off is down to 40%. The coupon is for 20%.

That would be like awesome considering these mixers are upwards of $200. That would make the mixer about $96 before taxes.

See, first you take the 40% off then you take the 20% off of the remaining balance. So if the mixer is $200, plus tax at 6.5% total would be $213. Then take 40% off is $127.80. Then take 20% off of that and you have $102.24.

That is great!!!!

I would buy the mixer at that price. Certainly not for the total price because I'm not rich.

I'm hoping that her mom, who I have met and who she gushes about me to, will find a way in her heart to just buy it and let me pay her back. Because then mom gets an additional 20% off after the 40% and 20% is taken off. That would make it $81.80.

That would just send me. I am crazy!!! But I am so stoked. If I can get that mixer for less than you would find it otherwise, I will be dancin'!!!!!!!



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