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So, we go to FFM's EB and I go in search of my mixer. Nada. Nuthin. Zip. The section was wiped out.

So I go shopping!!!!

I got some clothes for the Boo - two dresses for next winter and a pair of shorts for this summer. I got some shirts for The Man.

I got some privates for me - including a nice lounge outfit that bigstan says is for him.

And I found a pair of kaki's that I wanted. I can never spell kaki so I just spell it however it comes out at that moment.

In all, it was expensive, but it was worth it. And I still spent less than if I had found the mixer.

So then last night I called the future MIL and talked to her about an email she had sent me. I mentioned that I wanted that mixer. She tells me that her mom (the future GMIL) has one like it and that she is pretty sure I can have it.

Well, there you have it. I'm getting my mixer for free from the GMIL. w00t!!

Basically the GMIL is moving into a smaller place in a community and breaking up her condo. The MIL is going to go through and make a list of what the GMIL has so that I can look it over and tell her what I want.

We are getting the mixer, the large dining table with leaves, towels so far. There may be more.

I'm still excited. Its like Christmas all over again.

Also, in regard to wedding gifts, I'm telling people to give us $$ or gift certifictes to Target / Wal-Mart / Kmart.

Not EB because EB is way too expensive.

Preferring gift certificates to $$ because then we might use the $$ towards a bill instead of other things for us and so I think that gift certificates are muchly better.



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