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Names Withheld to Protect

First gossip - I get home last night to a phone message from a friend in a panic. So I called him. His sister answers and tells me that his girlfriend left him last night and took their baby and she would not bring the baby back. He went over with the cops to get the baby but the cops told him as she was the mother she did not have to give him back. I told sister to tell him to get an attorney ASAP if he wanted custody. Sister tells me that the mother is on drugs big time. Oh. Fun.

Sister, who is PG, tells me that she is about ready to go hunt this girl and kick her butt. Sister has been in jail for fighting before and is only 18. Fun.

I left the conversation at that. Juicy!

Second juicy gossip - my boss is quite the gossip and tells me all the good court stuff - a week or so ago he had a case rescheduled because the hearing officer was taking time off - boss finds out it is because these two attorneys, former friends and now enemies, were on the opposite side of a case

Atty 1 appears before Atty 2 gets there and Atty 1 is talking to the HO. Atty 2 arrives and accuses HO and Atty 1 of talking about the case. Atty 2 had no clue what they were talking about but did that really matter to Atty 2? No.

So Atty 1 in defense of HO, and releasing all of Atty 1's pent up anger, frustration, nastiness, etc. went off on Atty 2. Atty 2 went wizz bang back at Atty 1 and thus a cat fight ensued in a courtroom.

Atty 1, Atty 2 and HO are all women.

HO could not regain order in the court and was even told to shut up by one of the atty's - who is not clear - and HO promptly left the courtroom.

Now, the only way my boss would know all of this information is if he had an inside source or someone who saw it go down. Well, his best friend, also an attorney, just happened to come out of another courtroom to make copies and found the HO sobbing.

So the best friend gets the inside scoop - see the screaming match was still going on when he came out and found the HO and could NOT miss the battle from the hall.

So the HO cancels that hearing and the rest of the hearings for the rest of the day and immediately took 3 weeks off.

While this is good gossip - I totally feel for the HO. As a person with an anxiety disorder and PTSD this would have totally sent me off the deep end too.

From what I understand now - Atty 1 & Atty 2 are feeling great guilt over what has occurred. To top it off the head judge there has come down on both of them hard.

w00t for head judge. To the guilt being felt by both women - I say GOOD!

Wow. That's it. Wow.



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