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The 7-headed dragon rears its ugly head

Right now, I'm so darn emotional. I want to cuss, scream, shout, run around frantically waving my arms.

I have a child with a possible UTI. She may have gotten it from meds she had taken for a double ear infection. She has already seen the dr once about this and was diagnosed with a bladder infection and given meds that did not kick it. Now she screams when she pees. Moi pouvre pouvre enfant. So I have taken the morning off to get her into the dr only to be told that the only appointment available with HER dr is at 2:30 p.m.

So I explained to the dr's office that I took the morning off for this and they said she would have to see another dr then. Of course of the three remaining in the practice the earliest appointment is 11:40 a.m.

Sigh. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So 11:40 it is. At least I like and trust the dr we are seeing. In fact, had our dr not been taking new patients then I would have gone for this dr. Our dr does not take new patients any longer so when people ask me about the dr we are seeing today I give him a hardy YES! in recommendations.

The fact that he is cute (albeit married) doesn't hurt. He's a young man with a great manner and very caring. Its nice that he's also easy on the eyes.

I'm sure old women get a kick out of him!!

Oy! I'd better make sure I have her medical card on me. Sigh.

Yes, its here, good. One less worry on my mind.

I'm also very upset over another matter. Let's say I'm being teased. Because that is what is happening - I'm being teased.

I've had it. I'm very deeply hurt, and angry, and aggravated about it.

The teasing has brought me to my knees crying, sobbing, clutching my chest because it hurts me so very deeply - to my very being.

I have tried to stop the teasing. I have expressed that the teasing is unappreciated. That the teasing is uncalled for. I'm asking for a straight answer, and instead I'm teased.

The type of teasing I'm talking about is the kind where something is dangled in your face, yet not revealed, only inuindoes (?sp), hints of what might be, without concrete information.

The kind that is okay in the beginning if you know when to stop it. If you don't know, then you keep it up until you cause great pain.

It has been kept up with me entirely too long and now I am very deeply hurt by it.

When the item is finally revealed I'm not even sure I want it. Really.

I said something to the teaser last night about how deep I'm hurt by the tease. I had to hang up on them because I started to cry.

I felt that I was about to go into convulsions. Fits of hysteria.

Because that is how much I am pained by this teasing.

I'm done. I've had it.

If I have to give an ultimatum, and that is what it would be, or is now, then I for SURE don't want the item I'm being teased about. Because the tease has gone too far and the item in question is not worth this pain.

I used to look forward to receiving the item. Now I dread the thought of it.

Because I have been teased too far. Beyond what was called for.

If only you could have given me a straight answer. If only you had known when to stop teasing.

Nothing is worth being teasing someone into pain. Thank you for hurting me this much.



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