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A neat story

This morning, Darrell, the copier repair man, showed up. We were talking and I was teasing him about his job.

He told me all about going to school and auto maintenance. Then he told me about being happy.

He told me that he had been dating this girl off and on for a while. Then suddenly, this girl he had been friends with for years - since before high school - calls him. She was sad. She is in school getting her masters, she's a full time student and mother of a beautiful 3 yo girl, and she had no money. No money for bills, no money for groceries.

Since they met at age 14, they had a thing for each other. They had briefly dated as young teens but that went no where. They have kept in touch and remained friends this entire time.

He told her to settle down and tell him what she needed. Between her sobs she told him she would pay him back. He told me he said to her "If you have no money now, what makes you think you can pay me back? Don't worry about it. Give me your bank account number." So she did and he wired money into her bank account. This was Thanksgiving.

He went on vacation, talked to her every day to make sure she and her daughter were fine. About Christmas time, she was still low on cash so he sent Christmas presents and money to her for them for herself and her daughter.

They were together for New Years. And ever since he has been with her.

He lives in Blue Ash but daily after work he drives from Cincinnati to Columbus and every morning he gets up early and drives back to Cincinnati.

He teared up when he told me about how after a bit her daughter was warming up to him and accidently called him daddy.

Apparently the real daddy has little to do with her.

Since that time she has called him daddy.

He said he was with her family in Akron over Easter and he went out talking with her dad and her dad when they left called him son. He said it is nice to know he can be so at ease around her family and it helps to know that he will have an easy time talking to him when it comes time to ask the dad for the GF's hand in marriage.

This was such a wonderful story. I was very happy to hear it and almost cried myself. He is so in love and I am happy for him.

The fact that I am very happy in love doesn't hurt the story any either. That just made me all the happier and warmer inside.

Both for the love I have and for the story Darrell told me.

He told me if I had any more problems with the machine to call them and he hoped he was the one to come fix it for me. I told him that next time I would ask specifically for him.

I thanked him for the story and told him he about made me cry.

What a beautiful day.



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