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I've officially exploded

I went to Sugarcraft Shop after work and spent $123 on stuff to make the cake. Not the actual cake ingrediants, just the stuff to build it with. I'm not finished there yet. I will spend about another $50 for that. I still have yet to purchase anything to make the actual cake with ingrediant wise.

I went to mom's and lounged. Then I went home. Upon arriving home I discover that three weeks later, and almost daily promises to get it done on a day off, my lawn STILL has not been mowed.

I'm already freaking over the wedding, I don't need this.

So I call the person who was supposed to mow the lawn and explode on his mom and I drive over to their house to get my garage key and I yell at them some more. Then I drive home, dare my children to make a peep from their room as I send them to bed and proceed to mow the lawn at 9 p.m.

I only mowed the front lawn but I also moved some of the major crap that this person has been also promising to remove from my house forever now to the curb. That's a wringer washer and most of an old refrigerator that has been taken apart.

My head is hurting, my wrist is killing me. I need sleep.

I wake up, get kids up and ready, open my storage purse to see if my other checkbook is in there for later tonight and discover I have forgotten to make last month's student loan payment. I bring the book with me to make the payment, check my email and discover an email from the student loan center. Suddenly, the $50 payment is now $100 due to late fees and extra charges. Ugh. Overall I only totally owe like $260.00. But I don't HAVE $260.00.

Bad thing is that my % rate on my student loan is 4% lower than my home equity line of credit or I'd pay it off with the home equity line of credit. So I paid $60 towards my last month's payment and vow to make this month's payment on time. Sigh. I doubt I'll remember with the wedding stuff. However, if my IRS check EVER makes it to me in time, then I will have that money and I will go ahead and pay that off and take care of that as it is such a small amount due and owing.

Tomorrow bigstan and I are meeting up with perdita_saxon and Pet to go to dinner and shopping at Costco for most of the stuff needed for the cake and for the reception in the food arena.

Friday, perdita_saxon is supposed to be coming over for us to work out a hair thing (experimentation - fun) for me for the wedding and bigstan has agreed to drop kiddlings off to dads for me and hang with Pet for a while then we are going to do dinner and figure something else out. I hope.

Oh, back to my mom and hanging with her last night - I took her her mother's day presents. I purchased body lotion and a bath soap from writanya's shop for her. At first mom was nonplused about bath and body stuff. Then I told her who made it and where it came from. THEN she was interested in it. She particularly got a kick from the statement written on the products "Humanly tested on friends and family". Mom asked me 'Did she mean to say huMANEly?' I told mom that if writanya was trying to convey that it was tested only on humans and not animals then writanya had it right in my opinion. I should know, I'm one of the human test subjects.

So tonight I get to go home, throw all of the stuff into my bedroom and shut the door as the Silver Sands Photography people are coming over to show me the pics taken of my kiddlings 3 weeks ago. I'm getting a free 5x7 but I so know that I will want others of them so I MUST restrain myself and see what I can keep myself down to. I must remember that there are always those photo machines that I can copy the pics and make more of them to share.

I have officially exploded.


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May. 14th, 2003 07:14 am (UTC)
First of all,
breathe - in and out.

Second - have the lawn scheduled to come over before work and clean the yard.
If he left a mess he should clean it up.

Third - I guess I will find you and BStan working on the house/yard on the weekends, not running around.
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