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Honey Do

First - I got my check!!!!! w00t I'm so relieved.

Second - Last night bigstan and I met up with perdita_saxon and her Pet and went to dinner and Costco. We spent $110 on cake and reception items. I got the majority of the reception items. Except for the food.

Today - We purchased tix to see Matrix Reloaded - the four of us are going out again, however, first, much must be done.

I called my mom to see if she was ready to be attacked for cake making and food storage and she said yes. I asked her if she got the other circles made for me from work and she said yes.

Then she tells me it is imparitive that I do something for her tonight. It has to be done and I have to be the one to do it. I'm like, what? Take Lil Sis to her chiro appointment and wait for her and then take her home.

So I say, sure, I can do that but you have to do something for me. She asked what and I told her - you have to pick my kids up from daycare, feed them, go to my hair appointment (which means that she will have to grow my hair), go to my dress fitting (which means that she will have to have a total body reproporionment and grow boobs) and then get kids to their dads.

She was like, I'm taking your Papaw to see his sick brother. I figured that was what she was doing which was why she wanted me to take Lil Sis.

So I told her she would have to call Lil Sis and tell Lil Sis to reschedule her appointment because I cannot take her.

Then I got the self-pity whine. "I only live day by day because I don't know what tomorrow will bring with your grandfather. We don't know how much longer his brother will be here with us on this Earth. I may not make it to your wedding if he dies." Blah, Blah, Blah.

So I tell her, "I understand and that's all well and good for you but I have a wedding in three weeks and I cannot put my life on hold in case you need me to run for you because of you doing this with my grandfather. I love you. I love him. I have a wedding to plan and if I don't get moving on things and work daily now that its coming so fast nothing will be done."

Its not my fault nothing has been done before now. Well, it is because I have been waiting on others to do what needs done before I can. But in waiting, nothing has been done. So a fire is now lit under us and I'm moving and driving people insane.


Thank goodness for Saint perdita_saxon. I'd be completely gone right now if I didn't have her making fun of me and making me laugh.



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