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My Weekend

Fri: Dita comes over with her Carusso Curlers to try to curl my hair. The sides didn't take it but the back did. Boy did I have big hair. That's out, so it means that I will just wet my hair, gel it, and blow it dry for the big day. That's ok. It means that my curls will come out tighter.

Dita kindly fixed the lace on my bra for me so that it does not show on the dress. We decided to pin the bra to the dress or vice versa, whatever works so that you do not see my bra when you hug me. *giggles*

This way, it all works.

Then we headed out to meet up with our boys to see Matrix Reloaded. John & Bear joined us. So six of us hit Sprindale.

Now I've never seen the Matrix. I hear the gasping - but let me assure you it is by choice that I never saw it. Now that I have seen Reloaded I can honestly say that my decision to NOT see the Matrix was well founded.

I was told that I didn't understand Reloaded because I never saw the Matrix. Its not that I didn't understand it, it's that I found it dull and ho hum. I found some humor in it. I don't recall holding my breath or getting excited or any such thing but bigstan caused my right hand to go numb on several occasions. He was transfixed.

I wanted to go to sleep.

To tell the truth, the only reason I went was because Dita wanted me to go with. bigstan was like, oh yeah, you'll go cause SHE wants you to go not because *I* want you to. Yeah, basically.

I told Dita afterwards that the only reason to see the final one is to see if Mr. Smith buys the farm. But that would be the only reason and I'm sure that bigstan will go see it so he can come home and tell me if Mr. Smith DOES get it.

My only reason to actually want to see Reloaded was for Monica Bellucci. She is beautiful. Her part was small but enjoyable. Not $10 worth of enjoyable, but it was enjoyable none the less.

I used to want to be Gwen Stefani, I think I have changed my mind, now I want to be Monica Bellucci.

Sat: We slept in then ran around like crazy trying to finish filling our orders for the cake and the reception. We went to this place in Hamilton to finish getting cake supplies. The owner refused to accept my card because I have "See Pic ID" on the back of it. I got a lecture from her how my card is now invalid because of that. bigstan argued with her and then stormed out. The owner told me that she did not need nor want my biz. In front of other customers. Just because my card says this on the back of it.

Unfortunately, I could only find the cake plates I needed there without driving to another country or ordering online which would take 6 - 8 weeks and I now have THREE. So I got the cake plates there. I had cash.

Only to get a yelling at from bigstan for giving her my biz.

Well, that's the last time my biz, or anyone I know's biz, will go to her. I'm thinking about asking a friend of mine at the Hamilton Journal News if I can write an article about it. Not naming the biz per se, but alluding to it, and writing in third person so as the owner cannot come back against anyone in particular.

But this woman was just nasty. I don't believe I held my tongue. I can't believe I didn't say a word. Of course I thought of a lot of things to say in hindsight, but that's okay. I told my mom. My mom works for a company who has a customer who has this biz as a customer and my mom was going to tell the owner of the other company about this transgression. We will see what happens there.

My only prayer is that she gets what she deserves for treating people the way that she does. Is that a bad prayer?

FYI: The place in Hamilton is very pink. You cannot miss it. Not only is it very pink but everything in there revolves around cake and candy making. If for any reason you need to make cakes or candies - DO NOT go there. Remember, she does not need nor want your business nor money.

Sun: We spent the day roaming Trader's World and found several more items needed for decoration and cake. We are almost home free in having all things. I'm well pleased.

It has been very stressful.

Yes, I made bigstan apologize to me for how he treated me in yelling at me. I'm sorry you were frustrated and angry my love, you need to learn which direction to vent it. And you will. Or I will shake that glass container vigourously next time. You know the container, the one on the mantel.


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May. 19th, 2003 06:52 am (UTC)
Could this business have the words shack and sugar in it??

Call me details -
May. 19th, 2003 07:01 am (UTC)
Re: Hmmmmm
hummmmmm. . . could be.

If your church uses them for anything I suggest you inform the ladies that their business is not wanted nor needed by this company. I mean, if she says that to one person in front of other customers - as she did - then I would think that applies to all potential customers. Don't you?

I will call you with details when I have alone time.
May. 19th, 2003 07:18 am (UTC)
Oh this must be good
Not that I know of.
I usually hit the place over here in Reading.
I would change my card....
May. 19th, 2003 09:00 am (UTC)
Re: Oh this must be good
Change my card? Change my card!!!

No. I have talked to the bank and the bank told me that what I had written was just good practice. They told me that my card was fine and not invalid.


I had the worst time finding dark chocolate bars. Found some stuff at Kroger that is just chocolate and I hope that is enough.

Oh, another customer bites the dust. Mom went to work and told her boss what was said to me and the boss has the same thing written on her cards and she said she had planned on going over there and now that she knows this she will find a new place to shop.

One customer at a time.
May. 19th, 2003 11:59 am (UTC)
Not only would I not change my card but I would let her know I was going to tell everyone I spoke with every day for the next 30 days of my experience with her extablishment. My true and factual experience with her store and my opinion of what she can do with her stupid-head ignorance is not slander and therefore inactionable, then I would let her know I work the phones for a large international bank and speak with literally hundreds of potential customers for her every day. Inside of that month if only 10 people a day pass my story long to another 10 people, and they in turn another 10, well, you do the math. I guarantee she's giving me the plates for free and and calling her bank to confirm that yes indeed you can have it say see picture ID (or C. I. D. as mine does *grin*) as a way to protect the carrier from fraud. Stupid head people should die so as to not waste the air I could be breathing.
May. 19th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
My boss, an attorney, told me to contact the BBB. So I checked out their website. It tells me to go to the owner first. Well, hell, what if it was the owner who was the ass in the first place, huh?

Sigh. So I check to see if the biz is incorporated and it is. I can write a letter to the owner telling her how disappointing it was, blah blah blah. THEN go to the BBB.

So I'm thinking about doing that.

But the up side is that only just today my story has stopped two people from going there because THEY also have C.I.D. on their credit cards. They are also disgusted at how I was treated.

Now, I've told four people. If those people tell four people, etc. Yes, I can do the math.

But it is also funny that my mom has an account at work that is a distributor to them and that she is going to tell this distributor because this company's customers are also this distributor's customers by proxy.

I so loved your statement about stupid head people wasting possible air that you could be breathing instead. That so cracked me up.
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