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My Mind It Is A Spinnin

I'm in wedding amnesia.

The Wiggles are coming and I am trying to figure out how to get tickets. I have friends going and they are talking getting a group discount and I just emailed her to tell her that I have 8 people who want to go and asked her to get back to me with price.

Unfortunately the Wiggles are coming on bigstan's 30th birthday. I will therefore have to plan on a party the day before. Not a problem.

So much stuff. So much stuff. My mind is spinning right round baby right round.

I need to give out directions to the wedding site - most people have already received an email from me on this. Deep sigh.

I'm going to be missing some of my best friends at my wedding due to other things in their lives - like business. I love them and wish them well and much support in this. I hope that they go and make a killing - or whatever that saying should be for a business venture. They will be in my thoughts that day as well.

So, directions to the wedding: Wildwood Camp & Conference Center

This is the way that I go mind you so bear with me . . .

275 East to Exit 59 Hillsboro/Milford Parkway.

There is construction so the ramp to Hillsboro is closed. Take the ramp to Milford Parkway and then take the first detour sign that is orange and says Exit with the arrow pointing to the left. Take this exit. Turn left towards 50. At the light at 50 turn right onto 50.

Take 50 to Round Bottom Road. Turn right onto Round Bottom Road. Your landmark here is a UDF.

Take Round Bottom Bottom Road to Barg Salt Road. I have no landmarks for you. Well, there is a Road Closed sign but it is open to Wildwood.

Turn left onto Barg Salt Road and follow it until you come to Wildwood Camp, it sits on the left. Turn left into Wildwood and go to the Stone Lodge/Rose Garden. That is where the wedding will be at.

I have bright pink neon signs that I will be putting up. Look for these signs.

Hope that helps.



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