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Before I forget, Update on Booda's Foot

bigstan took her to the dr for me last week. Her doc said that it was only a splinter or her foot had been rubbed against something badly that caused the blister.

?!?!?!?! At MRH -> You SUCK!

Most people know that MRH is a place and not a person but just in case someone reads this and doesn't get that - there it is.

So she gets antibiotics and gauze and stuff and has to have her foot soaked in baking soda water and then wrapped and she could not wear shoes all weekend.

She goes back to school yesterday and with her foot wrapped I could not get her in shoes but had to put her in sandals that had the adjustable straps on them in order to even get something on her foot.

School tells me that she played and played hard. She showed them no signs of her foot hurting. She even hit the foot several times on the bottom bumping into other kids.

She's in Preschool BTW - that is what I mean when I say school.

She came home, and at bedtime she refused to allow me to look at her foot or even unwrap it. I let it go. At about 3:30ish am she woke up screaming because the wrapping had come off with her scratching it in her sleep and she wanted it re-wrapped. I would not do it but instead removed it entirely.

This AM I put her in regular socks and shoes and sent her to school. She was walking fine and did not make a fuss or complain when I put her shoes on her so I will see what they report when I pick her up this afternoon.



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