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Droppin' the Bomb

I'm talking to bigstan last night and he asks if I want some good news. I'm like, yeah. So he tells me that we are getting a wedding night gift to stay at a hotel locally before we leave on Sunday for honeymoon.

While this is great, I had planned on using our evening to make sure I was packed for the honeymoon and Sunday morning for last minute stuff.

It was at this moment that I realized that I have to do laundry in order to make sure I have enough clean clothes. FREAK! SPAZZZZZ!!

I go on a laundry tear.

My wedding dress needs ironed so I try to do that while doing laundry to discover that the dress will simply NOT iron. Sigh. So I called perdita_saxon and vent at her about this whole thing - dress, wedding night, honeymoon, laundry.

She made a suggestion on the dress. Asked her Pet what would happen to him if he had done this to her - he said "this is a trick question, right?"

Pet KNOWS what would happen to him if he dropped a bomb on Dita like that. Can you say, Pet's a puddle of unknown goop now?

Not literally. Because he didn't do that to Dita.

My nerves are already on end and shot.

She asked if I felt better, reminded me of "cones" and we got off the phone as it was almost 11 p.m.

While doing laundry it suddenly occurs to me - while the dress is dry clean only, I have those Dryel bags and so I nicely folded up my dress and put it in the Dryel bag and into the dryer for 10 minutes.

While all of the wrinkles did not come out, most did. I fluffed the dress and left it hanging in the basement.

I've got two loads of laundry left to do. I have multiple loads to fold. I have two baskets to put away as KK helped me by folding laundry and supervising kiddlings putting away their stuff last night.

Yay for KK.

On my list of done things are kiddlings hair cuts. Got that done on Monday.

KK has an awards ceremony tonight at the township. She is being presented an award by the village mayor. In a village as small as my family resides in, the mayor lives right next door to us. But that's okay. It is an honor and she is so excited.

So there goes my evening tonight.

I have one evening left in which to get things done.

What things?

I need to make sure that I have gotten the new toner for the Bubblejet for Carolyn's desk - I have one but it just refuses to work and so I'm returning it, I hope, and exchanging it for another one. Keeps fingers crossed that a place will let me do that.

I need to get my cell phone replaced. The part that holds the battery on the phone is broke. The phone stays on when it wants to. I'm always afraid of it turning off on me in the middle of a convo so I'm repeatedly asking if people are still there. Sigh.

Then there is the packing. I have already stuffed a duffle bag and I'm not done yet.

It only has a few shirts and shorts and two pairs of socks and some underware and a swimsuit in it. And a pair of sandals. Yet it is stuffed. But I need to pack for incliment weather as well. Because with this weather pattern we are experiencing, it may just rain the entire time we are there and be cold and I want to make sure my bases are covered.

I entertained the thought of asking downstairs at the bank where I got the duffle for free if they have another one I can have. That would be nice. It doesn't hurt to ask.


Well, I'd better get back to work. I need to write a demand letter and let the boss know what's going to be left on my desk when I'm out.





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