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Bear With Please

I think I've now caught up on all LJ readings. Of course lots was missed during down time. But down time was needed, deserved, and a very good thing.

I am the happiest, and scaredest, I've ever been in a very long time.

I hope to get everything out, and am sure to miss posting much, but the posts are going to be small ones as the only time I really have is here at work and that is not much.

To begin:

Thursday- June 5th - bigstan and I went and got our marriage license. That was a first step. Eeep.

I got the kids things together for their week at mamaw's and bigstan boiled the eggs for me for the pea salad that I would be making on Friday.

Friday - June 6th - I took the day off of work. I took kiddlings to daycare and then bigstan and I started our day. First thing I did was complete making the pea salad. I made lots of pea salad.

It was a bright sunny day. Very promising to make that way on Saturday but alas and alack there was rain in the forecast and of course that was troubling me. But we went to lunch at Cassano's, then went to my mom's to pick up drinks and all of the other stuff stored over there, then headed off to Wildwood - after two repeated trips back home to pick up stuff I had still forgotten to put into the car to begin with.

Upon arrival at Wildwood bigstan decided to park a distance away from the Stone Lodge. I wondered why he did this and expressed to him my thoughts of how much easier it would be if we parked in front of the doors to unload the car. So he moved it. And indeed it made it much easier to unpack and carry in.

We decorated the "cafeteria" or whatever they called it and the decorations turned out to be even nicer than imagined. bigstan's mom marinated the chicken breasts and I put together the baked beans. We finished everything by 4:30 pm. This put me into rush hour traffic to drive home, get changed for our evening dinner plans, and grab the kids stuff - including a change of clothes for dinner - before I left to go to dinner.

Dinner with the family was interesting. bigtan's mom, dad, sister and Nana sat at one end of the table. bigstan and I sat at the other end of the table surrounded by my Papaw and sister's family. In the middle were my mom, the kiddlings, and my other sister and brother and his wife.

Dinner was a set menu. It turned out that my BIL and my youngest sister would not eat it and we had to add two kids meals to the dinner so that they had something to eat. I felt horrid about this as that was two more meals that got throw away but had to be paid for anyway. Or at least this is the impression I was left with.

My sister sitting next to me thought that bigstan's mom was intemidating and bigstan said that his mom had offical hostess mask on. So I would think this is why she came across as intemidating.

But in this one evening the two worlds that are our families came into a very sharp view for the two of us.

His family is small, and very formal. While my family - a bit larger with more sibblings - is more of the informal bunch.

bigstan felt that his mother saw the evening as a disaster while I personally did not see it as such.

We left them all together for us two to go to get Nicole and then for she and I to head home.

bigstan felt better that I had Nicole with me for the evening. I am the type of person who hates to feel like she is responsible for someone else when in fact I know that is not the case. Nicole was a very big help to me. I was happy to have her with me. In fact, it was in thinking that I would need another head is why I wanted Nicole to stay with me Friday night. She was such a big help making lists for us to check off to make sure we had everything before we left.

Now, to begin Saturday - without going further - I awakened at 4:30 a.m. Saturday June 7th. I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn't there so Nicole and I got up out of bed at 6:15 and got our day started.

We ran through her checklists, she grabbed a shower (I was showering later at Stone Lodge at Wildwood), and headed out the door to post signs.

I got gas in the Dodge, got us drinks at the Exxon station, and headed on the road. No breakfast was had as my belly was too nervous. Until later in the morning when we arrived at Wildwood did I get hungry and made a phone call to bigstan's mom to bring me some toast, which she did, and I much appreciated.

For this post - I have to get back to work now - The End.



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