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Still Tired but on with the show

To take a step back in the wedding thing here - Nicole gave me my something blue. It is a hair stick. For those of you with long hair and like to put it up in creative ways - you will know what that is. For the rest of you, its hard to describe so I'm not going into much detail.

Anyway, the hair stick is a blue flower. Very pretty. Very classy.

I had no intenions of putting up my hair but after this beautiful gift, how could I not do something?

So, having said that, on with the next part of this wedding story:

I think I last left you with us waking up at 4:30 and getting going at 7 to hang signs and arriving at Wildwood.

So we get there. Starting out in Middletown, the day was looking up, the sun was peaking through the clouds. As we drove down 75 and to East 275 we went through periods of heavy to light to no rain. As we set up the signs the day was gray and overcast. When we arrived at Wildwood you could tell it had just finished raining.

Staff were setting up the chairs in the Rose Garden. Nicole and I took our stuff up to the room where we would be getting dressed and then proceeded to the Rose Garden to decorate.

As we decorated, it started to drizzle. It continued to drizzle the entire time we were decorating. Making all of the chairs nice and wet. Lots of mud. Yipeee.

Somehow Nicole managed to miss all of the spiders, webs and ant colonies marching up the pillars. Somehow she managed to miss all of the climbing rose bushes that I had to get through in order to put up some of the decorations. See, our colors were green and white and we were alternating the tulle between the pillars. Nicole had the job of hanging the green tulle.

In the end, it was beautiful, we were satisfied, and we went off to Stone Lodge to wait.

I got my stuff together, I got my shower, I had help from Kase to get into the bra of torture.

*Side note - while I wear it, and protest having to wear it, I HATE underware. All underware, including panty hose of any type, are torture devices created by men as a cruel joke. - I return you to your reading . . .

Once I called bigstan to let him know that we were done decorating and that he could arrive at any time now.

See, we decided to do the old fashioned thing of not seeing each other before the wedding.

Once he called me to tell me he loved me and he missed me.

As time grew closer I grew more aggitated. More hyper. If you can imagne me more so than I currently am normally.

The kids arrived and I got them dressed. The Man muchly protested about wearing shorts and not his jeans and then sandals and not his Sponge Bob Square Pants tennis shoes. Booda INSISTED on wearing socks with her sandals. Then she would not leave her tiara alone.

Once they were finished and dared to move, I started getting dressed with lots of help from perdita_saxon.

We pinned the bra to the dress so that the dress did not look like it was trying to come up and swallow my head whole. It is a beautiful dress but it has that one little flaw.

THEN she took the beautiful hair stick, and a comb, and gave me a nice neat little bun on top of my head without putting up all of my hair.

I'm surprised she even got it into the bun with all of the extra curl gel I used to make my natural curl stand out even more. But she is a talented one that, and she did.

Of course I knew she could and never doubted for once that this magical creature could not work her charms even on my hair.

THEN she sat MY tiara in place. When I looked at myself in the mirror I about fell over. Tooting my own horn here - I was absolutely gorgeous. I insisted on camera and pictures immediately.

perdita_saxon was more than happy to oblige and shooed most everyone out of the living room of Stone Lodge so that picture taking of myself, and children, could ensue.

I was so excited.

As everyone arrived and went to the Rose Garden to take seats, I gave my 35 mm to my boss to take pics. I gave my digital to Nicole to take pics. Pet took my video camera and headed out with it to ready himself and become comfortable with it.

Booda's dress, even with additions, was still a bit long on her so she did not get to throw the rose petals I had for her, but instead, had to carry the basket and her dress in order to be able to walk.

Nicole had given me two rings to place on the ring bearers pillow and we pinned those on and The Man was ready to carry the pillow down.

As we started to get lined up - sorcha999 had gone down to the Rose Garden to hand of My Man's baby bro to someone to hang on to while she walked down as modelveracity was playing bagpipes and could not kid wrangle his youngest and try to play pipes as well.

At one point, I caught a glimpse of bigstan and I jumped back into the entryway of Stone Lodge so that I saw no more of him and he didn't see me.

By this time, humidity had jumped up and there was no rain and the sun was trying to break through the clouds. It was still overcast but much warmer than it had been in the early AM.

12:30 fast approached.

We lined up. Bob the Builder (my bro Micheal - The Man dubbed his uncle this - a story for another time) gives me his arm. perdita_saxon jumps in, helps me gather my dress so it isn't hanging funky, then gets behind me and walks holding the back of my dress up so that it doesn't drag until we reach the enterance of Rose Garden, then she goes off to do the picture thing.

Bob and I took our time getting there. We stopped for a couple of pics before we even reached Rose Garden. By the time we got to Rose Garden, everyone on both sides were already lined up. Bob walks me in.

We go off to the left (as my Papaw would have done and I could see approval in his eyes). We go around the center of the garden. Bob lets go, or tries to, I was trying to as well but apparently we were a bit stuck together by the arms, and I almost dragged him. But finally we are unstuck and I go on alone to bigstan.

As I entered I noticed that almost all chairs are filled.

Mentally I notice the empty spaces of those who were going to try to attend, but couldn't make it for whatever reason. I also notice the non-presence of even those who told me that they could not come and why. But what time I had to think, wasn't much, so it was a passing thought.

Just those who might read this and know that they are one of the above - you were missed.

In all, I think I counted 45 people there. The reception was set up for only 46.

Many times I saw tears in bigstan's eyes. Many times there were tears in mine and I was doing all I could do NOT to lock my knees, or pass out, or burst into mega sobs.

Several times I looked at his parents as they performed the ceremony and saw his mom teary eyed. You could hear her choking up as she spoke.

When we got to the "repeat after me" part, bigstan took his time. Not me, I tried to anticipate and rush. Go figure. I didn't mean to, I meant to take my time as well, yet somehow even then my true self was coming out.

We had two readings - the first came immediate. Shadow read "Haste to the Wedding". Such an appropriate thing. I found it online, an Irish wedding song. Then came scripture readings, prayer, and then the call to the families to uphold our vows. Read by perdita_saxon and responded to by the families. More scripture, then the reading by sorcha999 of "The Wedding Song". That song makes me cry when sang, I know I choke when singing it. It was even very beautiful being read. She did a wonderful job. Even though I'm sure that her mind was on getting to her fuss bucket *grins* as he wanted his mommy and there she was up there teasing him and not taking him.

I told her that if it came to her having to hold him during the ceremony, then by all means do.

Once I heard My Man say, that's my mommy! Or something to that effect. I know I heard my own mom say to the kids that they could not go stand up with us but had to stay with her. They listened to their mamaw but I think if they had come to be with us that would have been fine too and maybe a touch more special to have them there.

I was aware of cameras, all of them, and of the people around me on some level. Everything ceased to exist once I was hand in hand with bigstan. Everything, everyone, else was so surreal.

I look at the rings on my finger and go *POING*. Standing there I wanted to melt against him, lean on him and into him and have him hold me. For me to be so far apart from him at that moment in time felt like torture to me.

When we kissed, it was the best kiss of my life.

He said he wanted to grab my butt, however, for decorum purposes, he resisted. It would have been funny.

sorcha999 was wearing a very pretty flowered dress. modelveracity was wearing all black - normal for him *grins*.

The bag pipes were very cool. So cool in fact that even bigstan's parents did not recognize the fact that the song we walked out to was the Emperor's March from Star Wars.

And THAT was what the fuss was to begin with that moved us from the church to Wildwood.

Bob the Builder wore dockers and a nice shirt.

The Man was in navy shorts and a white shirt and Booda was in a cream dress - very pretty.

Shadow wore his great kilt and John had bought a utilikilt to match bigstan. However, his western shirt was definitely interesting. It made me wonder where his cowboy boots were, but I didn't say a word.

Holly wore a very pretty sun dress that we had picked out for her with her new white sandals.

Bob the dad and minister gave a speech at the beginning about a sceen from the play "Our Town".

See, I'm missing out on much, after I finish writing this I will read over it later and go "gads! I forgot to include that!" and may write it in another post.

But, speaking of posts, I'm done with this one for the moment. I will write more about reception and then on honeymoon in later posts.




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