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Friday night we went to see Phantom of the Opera in Dayton. I was so turned around as much changes have occurred since I worked downtown. It turns out that I was directly across the street from where I used to work. Wow. Has time flown.

It was a good production. When I could see around the head of the guy in front of me. But mostly I could. Costuming and such was fabulous. Very enjoyable show.

We waited around at the stage door afterwards as Holly - the SIL - wanted to meet "The Phantom". He came out pretty much after everyone had gone. He had the most makeup to get off. He was nice. Very huggy and touchy. But overall appreciative of the fans who stuck around to meet him.

Saturday we made it to Goetta Fest. Thankfully no Goetta was consumed. I was pretty much there to give stuff to writanya and walk around and look at the booths of the German Ren Fest.

I must agree with the assessment of Rev. S. We saw lots of Irish/Scot/English Rennies there, but not really any "German" Rennies. I'd say he and writanya were the two who were closest in costuming to being "German".

bigstan got to stand on Rev. S. during the bed o'nails part of their act. I felt for Rev. S. having him and another big guy up on there. I gave him and Frack a good tip.

While walking around I came upon the Mouse. She suggested I get sunscreen. This was the first clue I had that I had any sun. But as we were leaving anyway I declined to do so.

My Little Man is who I would have been more worried about and he turned out fine.

But here's the part that the subject line refers to - because of the sun - I burnt my head. Yes, you heard me correctly, I said I burnt my head.

How you wonder? Well, I had my hair parted and up in pig tails. And where it was parted is where it burnt.

I have coloring on my face, but my head still hurts today.

I only realized I had burnt it when I got into the car and tried to lean back. My head hurt so bad. So we went and got aloe. bigstan put it on my head down the part. It felt much better.

I had purchased a glass hair stick at the German Ren Fest so I took my hair out of the pig tails and put it up with the stick. That made a difference too.

Then we went swimming at a birthday party for My Little Man's little bro and I took my hair down and the pool water felt good on my head too.

Showering hurts a bit. But it will heal. I just cannot believe I burnt my head!

One person we saw on Saturday that we had not seen in a while is fayted. She is so cute! Until I am around her I don't realize how much I'd like to spend more time with her and get to know her better.

Once we had a good talk at a wedding we were both at. She was on her meds and felt that she was being loopy. I'm sure to some extent she was but I think she was showing more of who she is. And I really like her and would like to hang out with her. When we both have the time.

It just feels lately that there is no time to do anything with anyone.

I would like to spend more time with writanya even. She and I have both been so busy. We need a girls night out to hang and talk. Not drink. Like dinner and shopping or something.

I'm such the shop a holic.

Sunday was my down day. I was so very tired. I slept a lot. Tho I did get a lot of laundry done.

Now I'm here. Time to start schemeing again how I can get away from here. Muwahahaha.



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