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A new discription for me - lol

Today I was called "kooky". It made me laugh. Not at the person who called me this but WITH her. Because it let me see me how she sees me for a moment. A snapshot of myself if you will, from another person's eyes.

Its nice to see yourself from time to time. How others perceive you.

I know I'm bitchy and standoffish. I know I'm hard to get to know or get close to. But when those who I have let in let me know what they think, it warms me.

Yes, I'm kooky. I'm weird. I'm strange.

But these are part of me, who I am. And I like that about me. Because I'm not just like everyone else. I'm not a mold.

I consider, outside of my immediate family which includes my husband, I have three women who I have let in. To me, these are my sisters.

The closest sister, Sister #1, I do not need to name, nor does her wild crazy self need any introduction. Sister #2 called me kooky and it still tickles me - sorry, I have to share that you said that, and of course they agreed with you - and Sister #3 is a surprise type of sister as she is someone who is supposed to be a rivel or something I would think - you know you've heard all of the horror stories about exs and their SOs but this SO is more of a sister to me - family - and with us sharing my son, that makes us true family.

I've had a life growing up that has made me the person I am today. I have learned to be guarded most of all.

But you are in, my sisters. You know me. Kooky and all.

I love you!



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