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I guess I should let you know before I go

Ugh. My weekend was a bad one. One of the worst I have ever experienced.

Because of my own total stupidity, I put my foot through a glass door. It was a total accident, but enough to cause me pain.

So I got stitches - now I know for sure it was NINE and not SEVEN like I thought. But I've already popped two out.

My foot did not heal up like they thought it would, instead getting worse.

Turns out, after X-rays that I have not been charged for because they should have taken them in the first place, that I have two, if not more, pieces of glass with a lead base in my foot.

Tomorrow I go in for surgery to remove these.

Now I know why I keep feeling like I've got something sticking me in the foot when I try to walk. Its because I really DO have something sticking me in the foot.

Its the first time I have ever had surgery for anything. Its the first time I've ever had to be knocked out. They are putting me to sleep to cut open my foot.

They will begin by removing the stitches. Then they will cut from where the stitches are both forward and back to make sure they have ample room to get into my foot and remove the pieces.

Just got off the phone with the surgery center - you have to get so personal in telling them about your history. I'm not even allowed to wear nail polish as it might interfere with the heart monitor they will be putting me on.

I now know the procedure is supposed to take 30 minutes with an hour in recovery. She told me to bring my crutches.

Sigh. I'm so stupid.


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Jul. 3rd, 2003 06:20 am (UTC)
*big hugs*
Surgery isn't so bad.
Gods know I have had enough of them! hehehehe
And we all have stupid accidents that we (pardon the pun) want to kick ourselves for.
Guess this is one to write off as an oops, huh?
Hey, if it helps, next weekend will be better right!?
Get better soon, and take it easy a couple days.
Jul. 7th, 2003 06:10 am (UTC)
Re: *big hugs*
Thank you. My foot hurts. Not as much as it did this weekend.

I only started putting weight on it on Sunday. I can walk short distances. Otherwise I still need my crutches. I think that will only last a couple more days, fingers crossed.

They didn't have to cut it like they thought they would have to. They stayed right where I cut it open to begin with.

I still have the bruise but my ankle is no longer swollen, nor is my foot.

I spent a lot of time snoozing for the weekend. My poor hubby and kiddlings. :)

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