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Bitch, Whine, Moan, Complain

Maybe that's what this is all about, I haven't decided yet.

The surgery went very quickly. They removed 3 pieces of glass from my foot. Fingers are crossed that my health insurance pays for it.

I remember being preped for surgery, then wheeled into the OR. Then the anesthesiologist comes in and says "you're going to feel a twinge of pain as this enters your system" as he puts the knock out stuff into the tube that is going into my left hand. I was like, I've gave birth to two kids, that's nothing.

They put the oxygen over my face, I mumbled something and then was out. I vaguely remember them removing the oxygen mask. I don't recall being removed from the room.

Next thing I know is that someone is telling me to wake up. My foggy brain is saying "but I don't want to".

The nurse brings me Coke (the drink of choice) and some PB crackers as I haven't had any food for over 12 hours.

She tells me that I cannot bathe until Sunday. She tells me that my bandages can be removed on Sunday as well. Yipeeee - anyone who knows me KNOWS I cannot STAND not to get a bath or a shower.

Thank goodness for wipees, spounge baths and being able to bend over and wash my hair in the tub.

She tells me not to eat anything greasy or spicy for the rest of the day - I can have bland food (McD's cheeseburgers come to mind but those are greasy) - their fear was that I would throw up.

So what do I want for dinner? Seafood Alfredo from Olive Garden. Which is what I get. With Bellini Ice Tea (YUM).

I held it down nicely too.

So that night we go out to some friends house to play Uno, which turned out to be a lot of fun.

I got to sleep in on Friday - but not much before my mom showed up with Booda, who kissed my foot to make it better.

All kids, at least mine, think if you put a bandaid on it and kiss it that makes it all better.

Too bad they will grow out of that stage.

Friday night our power went out for a bit with the storms. Not too long but it hit right as I was getting the Booda to bed. We lit candles.

She told me that she had super powers and could make the power come back on. I told her that she had been going all day and her super powers were run down. I told her that she needed to go to sleep and sleep all night like a big girl in order for her super powers to recharge. I told her that if she let her super powers recharge then she could turn the power back on in the morning.

About an hour after she was asleep the power came back on.

When she got up on Saturday I told her to use her super powers to turn on the power and turn on her TV.

When her TV came on she was so excited. She truly believed her super powers turned on the power in the house.

Ah, to be 3 and able to do anything!

On another note - I am so ready to quit this job. I know I constantly whine about this. I realized that it was not THIS job or THIS boss alone but the entire industry. I have felt this way about every position I have had in the legal field. Every boss is different, but every boss has been the same.

Some bosses better, more bosses worse than this one.

But I'm tired. I'm run down. I need a rest.

So I'm telling bigstan this and telling him that I really need him to get a job. I know he's in school. I know how hard it is to work a full time job and go to school - been there, done that, kept the grades up, got the degree.

If he could only get a job comprable to what I have money wise. Even if it is 30 hours per week. Then I would sit down with this boss and talk it over with him about me going part time - say 35 hours per week.

Mind you, I only work 38.5 hours per week now.

But if bigstan is working 30 hours per week at about what I make per hour, and I'm working 35 hours per week, then between the two of us we will be able to support ourselves nicely financially until he graduates and gets a full time job making the big bucks like his school puports to be able to place him into.

If I didn't know a few people who they have done that for already, I would be skeptical. But as I know at least 4 different people (three of whom only came to my attention that I knew them AFTER he started school there) who were instantly placed into big time paying jobs and have been at these jobs since graduation without layoff or threat of layoff - then I know he will follow.

Look at his grades! 4.0 across the board!!! I am so proud of my hubby. He is doing wonderful in school.

It is THEN I will think about quitting this job. Permanently.

By then, The Little Man will be out of Kindergarten, Booda will still be in Preschool for another year, and we will be looking at moving.

The sad thing is that the CIA job idea is sounding better and better. If only because it WILL mean big money, no layoff, and some travel.

Unfortunately, the travel would mean MOVING - a LOT, and dragging the kids away from their dads and Mamaw(s).

Well, I'd better sign off of here and get some work done.

The funny thing about my foot hurting - yes, it still hurts - is that the part of my foot that hurts is the part towards my toes that only got pock marks of glass and where it is numb and the bone in my foot that leads to my pinky toe. THATS where it hurts at. *sniffle, sniffle*

At least I have crutches to help me out.



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