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Alls well that ends well

See, I told you I only needed to vent. Thank you all so much for helping me out there!

I felt much better and was able to come back to my husband and say I was sorry for my attitude and about what happened.

He said he was sorry and only hope that what he did did not cause me to not finish the book.

However, I stayed up until 12:20 a.m. reading the book and finished it.

The death was not spectacular by any means. And from how I read it, even though the charachters were assuring that he could not come back, it still leads me to wonder if it was left that way so that he COULD come back. Two more books left in the series to go. Probably won't know until book 7, if at all.

Though past the death, the tragedy of something else made me cry. PS you know which part I mean.

And w00t for the twins. Gotta love em. And what happened to toad lady - sniggers hard.


I waited in line at the license bureau to get my DLs changed to Holmes. It wasn't too bad a wait. They almost didn't want to change my DLs because I couldn't prove I had ever changed my name to Stubbs. I had no paperwork on me. But I had plenty of things in my purse - such as check stubs (giggles) made out to me as Stubbs - so they took what I had and changed my DLs. YAY

I also sent away my stuff to have my SSN changed into Holmes as well.

I already got my health insurance card changed into Holmes.

Now all I have to change is my beneficiary on my life insurance, my Will, my Living Will, my Durable Health Care POA, and I'm even thinking about putting the house into a survivorship deed.

I would never have considered that before. The house. Because I was never with someone I trusted so completely to do the right thing.

I trust my husband. With everything - but not to tell me the end of a book of course - sigh - next time he tries something like that I think I will kick him. Hard. Perhaps then he will keep his mouth shut. *chuckles*


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Jul. 17th, 2003 07:27 am (UTC)
next time he tries something like that I think I will kick him. Hard. Perhaps then he will keep his mouth shut. *chuckles*

The last time you did that, you had to have surgery.
Hmm. I guess that makes me a hard-ass, right?

*ducks and runs*
Jul. 17th, 2003 08:12 am (UTC)
Re: Boot!
You make me laugh! Is it any wonder I find it hard to stay TRULY mad at you?

I love you so much!!!
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