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Ever had one of those people

who walked in and out of your life and suddenly you just can't rid yourself of them?

I have. His name is Steve. He shows up just whenever. The last time I was PG with Boo. I saw him at Towne Mall. He started to walk toward me and I stuck my nose in the air and I just walked past him.

Literally stuck my nose in the air. I was so upset to see him. How he ended things - badly.

So this AM I'm checking my email. I'm registered with Classmates and it always ends up in my junkmail. Just in case a friend's email ends up there - as tends to happen - and there is a note from Classmates that I have a message from Steve.

So I log into Classmates to see what stupidity he has to say. He gives me a Star Trek joke.

See, when we dated, TNG was big and I was big into TNG. It was no secret that Data was my favorite charachter (still is). So its a Data / Warf joke.

Then he says its a stupid attempt at an opening hello.

I checked out his profile and there he stands pretty as you please, with his wife who is the woman he left me for, and their two kids.

Now why would I want contact with this man?

I want about as much contact with this man as PS wants with the toothless son of a hill jack moron.

Why can he not just burn the bridge and leave me alone?



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Jul. 17th, 2003 06:32 am (UTC)
Tell him to piss off and to never contact you aging or you will tell his wife. If that does not scare him tell him you will tell her that he is trying to get back together with you. Then she will put a stop to it.
Jul. 17th, 2003 06:44 am (UTC)
I don't know
He attempted to talk to me in front of her at Towne Mall. So if he attempted that, then I doubt she would believe me. So I doubt that threat would work.

However, I do recall that prior to asking her to marry him he contacted me and seemed to be making an attempt at getting it back together with me and I called him back and she answered and later he left me a cowardly message on my machine saying how he was marrying her and how much it had upset her that I called.

Just talked to PS about it. She was her usual about it.

I told her I was HALF tempted to email him back and ask him what he wanted. She was like "don't you DARE respond to him! let it go!"

I repeated I was HALF tempted, not whole tempted.

What an ass he is.

He is the type to gloat over what he has and what you do not have.

He will rub it in and put you down.

That is who and how he is. Talk about your preppy beyond preppy.

I'm still waiting to find out that he is secretly in the closet.

Jul. 17th, 2003 08:10 am (UTC)
Re: I don't know
Carve his heart out with a spoon . . . .

You were too good for him then and you are too fabulous for him to even understand you now.

Do you need gasoline for that fire?
I have archers, I can call for you....
Honest...Caeman would do whatever I asked him to do.
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