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I'm here

But that's about it. I'm currently waiting for the 9 a.m. hour as I have phone calls to make.

1st - I get home on Friday to discover that the SSA office sent everything back to me claiming that I had not provided them with information on my marriage to change my SSN card. I went off. I had sent them a certified copy of my marriage certificate, a certified copy of my divorce decree and the application. They lost the marriage certificate. I got online and sent a nasty comment to the SSA. I got a nice reply saying they were sorry and if I would tell them which office they would fax my comments to them. HAHAHAHAHAHA - I gave them the office and I told them I would be contacting it this AM.

Next - I have a dr appointment today. It is a repeat test. However, I realized that my insurance will only pay for the test one time per year. So I will have to call the dr's office to see if they have already billed the ins co and if they have then I have to cancel the test and tell the dr's office to explain to the dr. why I am not coming back this year for this test. Its because I cannot financially afford to pay for the test out of my pocket. I may be charged $25 for not giving 24 hours notice - but that's better than $XXX amount that I don't have.

My week last week was shitty. I was either so tired I could not keep my head off of my desk or I felt as if I were coming down with something.

I went to bed Friday night feeling pretty sick. Saturday I got up with a gastrointestional thing. Then one of my famous freakin' migraines came on. Between the headache and the gastrointestional thing - I was pretty sick.

We tried to go out but I was so sick I just wanted home and bed. But we went to my mom's so we could get movies as we had planned on movie day with the kids yesterday. We ate dinner at mom's because she was being a prick about keeping the kids for us so we could have a nice romantic dinner out.

But a nice romantic dinner was out of the question as I was so sick. While at mom's I started running a temp and freezing.

By the time we left mom's it was way past kids bedtime. I hate staying there that long.

Sunday wasn't much better. We did make it out to lunch, and did a wee bit of school shopping for my Little Man, but that was about it.

Went home and went back to bed.

Got many phone calls wishing me a happy birthday.

My hubby got me the bestest present - with the kids getting me wonderful presents too (at his help).

Other than that, it has been a crappy weekend.

I still have my headache, I'm still sick to my stomach and all of those regions, and I have bills to pay, a letter to write for work, and title work to perform.



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