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My sister calls. She wants me to meet her at mom's tonight. She has something to tell mom that will send mom through the roof.

According to her father (aka sonofahilljacktoothlessmoron - same as Rhino) there is a lien on her property. There is a guy who told him this and is now hounding him for $$ he owes on a debt.

The SOAHJTM tells my sister that he will pay off the debt, take over the lien, and foreclose on my mom's house.

My sister laughed at this and told him that was not possible. He said he'd sue my mom, my sister said the judge would laugh him out of court.

This is the same man who anyone looking could see spounged as much $$$$ from my mother as he could leaving her so heavily in debt that she has to rely on her family to help pay the debt HE created.

Hummm, now I'm wondering if I can sue him - *scratches head*.

I mean, if it weren't for him putting my mom into this debt, my mom would have the money for the things *I* have to pay for. True, I don't *HAVE* to pay for anything - but my mom would not have things she needs if I didn't.

I'm not the only one paying for things for my mom. My youngest sisters are too.

SOOOO, I check the records for liens on my mom's property. Nothing there. Nothing. I tell my sister this. I further tell my sister NOT to tell her SOAHJTM father about this. Its none of his damn biz.

I chastised her for telling him mom's finances.

He rejoices in keeping my mother down. He rejoices in causing her pain. He rejoices in destruction and he's trying to completely destroy my mother. He really really wants her to self-destruct to the point that no other man than him can come riding in and save her. He wants to be her hero and rescue her.

After all the shit he's done to her - I would beat him to death - he doesn't have to worry about my brother or my sister that's his daughter - they would not step in because he has them wrapped and where he wants them - no, its me - the hellbitchcat (chip off the ole block) that he has to worry about.

Besides, everything that he wants from her - my Papaw's estate - is in my hands. Yep - MY hands - muwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

If he thinks I would release any of the funds to my mother with him honking around he's got another think coming.

There's a provision in the trust that allows me to take control like that and give my mother an allowance only.

Neener neener neener.

Now, speaking of trusts, I have to get MY estate in order. I was in order until I got married. Now that new guy is in the pic and he gets to step in and pick up after me if something should happen to me. Poor new guy. :)


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Aug. 1st, 2003 06:57 am (UTC)
vastly amused
I like that idea that papaw had. Brilliant. Are you sure you he doesn't want to extend the time frame for 10 years and really stick to j-bro?

I would agree that you are the only one that seems to see the picture in a clearer and bigger fashion.
Aug. 1st, 2003 07:18 am (UTC)
Re: vastly amused
J-bro - ROTFLMFWAO!!!!!!


J-bro - I'm crying this is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

J-bro - You slay me!

Just talked to my atty bud - she said she wants to review the trust to see what we can do. They may not get the $$$ they are expecting because I may be able to set up a fund to take care of the farms.

Aug. 1st, 2003 09:11 am (UTC)
Re: vastly amused

I am so glad I amuse you.

and that was before the caffiene kicked in!
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