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My daughter - Houdini

I picked kiddlings up from daycare after work yesterday. We get home. We walk in the door and bigstan looks at the Boo Boo Kitty and says "Where are your shoes?" She gives him one of THOSE looks and with one of THOSE attitudes she says, "On my feet daddy" showing him her feet.

For anyone who knows me and the kiddlings, knows the attitude and look I'm describing above.

She was wearing her brown sandals when I picked her up.

He says "Those are not the shoes you went to daycare in this morning Boo." She giggles and runs into her bedroom.

I'm like WHAT???

He tells me that he put her into her tennis shoes and socks that I had laid out for him that AM and had taken her to school in them.

How then did she get into her brown sandals?

Because the brown sandals she had on were indeed her shoes. She hadn't taken some other child's sandals.

So I call the daycare, get the director, who laughs and puts me through to her teacher. Her teacher proceeds to tell me that she brought the sandals with her and that after her nap decided she didn't want to wear her tennis shoes and said "I want to wear my brown shoes now."

bigstan assures me that she did not take another pair of shoes with her that AM and he would clearly recall whether or not she had them in her hand when she went in.

The teacher told me that another little girl had brought THREE pairs of shoes and had worn all of them that day. She further told me that two other girls had switched their shoes and were refusing to switch back.

The teacher told me that Boo Boo Kitty's tennis shoes and socks were in her cubby.

I asked Candy Man if he took sissy's shoes in his backpack and he swears to me that he did not.

So I must have given birth to Houdini without realizing it. She majicked her sandals to daycare.

*shakes head*

She laughed at us about this. She laughed hard.

Silly Boo Boo Kitty!



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