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My Weekend

began Friday night after dropping kiddlings off with their dads. I was dressed to go out, but it was too early to meet up with bigstan so I went to Best Buy to see if they had a CD I was looking for. They did not so I decided to head to B & N for Frappicino.

As I left BB, I was walking too fast, which is pretty normal for me. I was right behind this person who was staggering and possibly drunk. She was with what appeared to be her BF. I said excuse me and she stepped aside and said "I'm sorry" and I told her it was my fault as I was walking too fast and again said excuse me to her.

As I walked away I heard the BF say something along the lines of "Ugh. You just can't go anywhere that they aren't" and the girl was like "who?" and the guy said "freaks".

I was dressed in a black body suit, a black mini, a renn faire over dress thing (hard to describe) and black platform boots that elevated me maybe 3". So pretty much I'm towering over these two and I'm not that tall.

I just cracked up but kept walking.

Then in B & N after getting my Mocha Frap I was walking around killing time. I overheard two "normal" girls (wearing just jeans and t-shirts) that were sitting on the floor in front of the mags and were reading mags, making fun of these other two girls who were in combat pants, tank tops, and flip flops standing close by. I bent low next to the one "normal" girl and told her that she really shouldn't make fun of what someone else was wearing because she was showing everyone in the store that she had on grannie panties.

The girl's friend looked back and said "you are". The girl freaked out and ran for the rest room.

As my drink cooler says at work "Chaos, Panic, Disorder, my work here is done".

So I wandered over to Target to shop around. Not much there in the way of anything these days. My once favorite store was boring. So I headed south to see if I could hook up with my DH and we could go to club.

DH has had one of those really emotional weeks and he felt he needed to go ahead and get out so we did.

DH thought I looked great and we went on down to club.

Vaz was right that there was no one there. Not to begin with. Which left the dance floor wide open for much dancing for me. I had a blast.

Over the next several hours people came and went and there were a few others on the dance floor from time to time, but in the beginning, it was just me, and that was beautiful.

A few people we know did eventually show up and we sat and talked and laughed before DH and I headed out to come home as DH worked Renn again this weekend.

Headed out to Renn on Saturday and met some new people and talked to ones I knew, including DH obviously, and just had a great day.

Sunday I went and read a book while sitting with my FIL. He awoke from time to time and talked with me. He really is disoriented with his meds. Because he thought I was saying things I had not and he even dreamed that he was making martinis and he hasn't drank in something like 19 years.

This was a good weekend. Full of friendship. And family.

Happy EOB. Satisfied EOB. YAY



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