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So Much to Write

So little time to write it in.

Yesterday I was very busy at the office. I had time to send off two emails and maybe respond to one LJ post.

The next five weeks are going to be equally as busy.

My boss wanted me to go PT. I investigated the possibility, but it is not available. I have one child in AM preschool and one child in PM Kindergarten. This cannot be changed or helped.

Daycare for even one, plus costs of preschool, plus gas, and time frame, I would only have 1.5 hours a day for 4 days to offer to be in the office. That is not worth a: my time; b: the money / cost of driving and daycare / preschool.

This did NOT please him. In fact, it freaked him out.

To the point he started begging me to stay, making excuses as to why it was not possible for me to leave.

Whose life is this? Mine or his? I think its mine and his excuses were feeble at the very least.

Daily I get up with the thoughts of "one day closer". I'm on a count down.

I really can't believe I'm doing this. Its scary, its exciting. I feel giddy.

I have so many directions to go when I leave here.

He asked me if I would be available by phone to him. I said, Yes, but you'll pay me for it. He was flabbergasted. But then he said he would.

He asked me if I would be available for home projects such as probate. I said no probate work. I don't do probate.

This did not make him happy. But I told him anything else I would be available to do. But he was paying me for it.

He agreed to pay me.

The thing is, IF he gives me any home projects, they will be so tiny and few and far between I'll be lucky to make anything at all.

Financially, I don't have to claim the income unless it is in excess of a certain amount a week / month but I don't know what that figure is. I could ask an accountant or income tax person.

Of course I have to give him information on what I do around here. That's not that much any more since he took over a few things. I'm good with this.

He's ordering a computer. He asked me the cost for bigstan to install it and network the office, I get to ask DH what he wants to do this. A flat fee or hourly?

Once his computer is in I get to download certain forms I use that he will need onto it.

What he does with it from there is his own biz.

He also wants a laserjet of his own. No problem there.

When I'm gone, I expect lots of phone calls. I'm only hoping that he brings in that person who he said he had as back up ASAP so I can train her and then SHE can deal with him.

Dita said to warn her about his passive / agressiveness and his co-dependencey. I think each person needs to learn of these things on their own. If I don't talk bad about him then if I DO at some point decide to go on to a new job I have him as a reference to fall back on.

Carolyn is not going to be here forever. In fact, I will be surprised if she stays much longer after I leave.

My NEW job will be SAHM and I have a house to clean from top to bottom. I have a grandfather that once he learns I'm not working will be up my butt to help him out. However, after spending a bit of the afternoon with him on Sunday we came to the decision that it is time for him to show me how to take over the reigns once he is gone in regard to the farms. YAY

I told him I want to be a farmer. He said he has pointers and people to guide me waiting in the wings whenever I'm ready.

SAHM and a farmer. Wow, who'd a thunk it from me???

I need to make a separate post about my weekend. My desk is stacked. Maybe I'll get around to it. You decide which "it" I'm referring to.


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Sep. 23rd, 2003 08:05 am (UTC)
Would you go look
at your entry of 8/30/03??

Who told you??
Sep. 23rd, 2003 08:14 am (UTC)
Re: Would you go look
You're talking about the being a farmer part aren't you? :)
Sep. 23rd, 2003 10:06 am (UTC)
Re: Would you go look
This lady farming thing would be so totally perfect! It is going to use your organization knowledge and teach you new things and meet new people. Can be used as the stepping stone for 4H for the kids . . . .
Sep. 23rd, 2003 08:22 am (UTC)
It's not a certain amount per week. It's per year. I think the amount is $1500. I could be wrong.
Sep. 23rd, 2003 12:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Income
I doubt he will ever pay me that much. LOL

The tightwad doesn't want the spend the $$ on a decent printer so he's getting one through Dell. Only he has to order the toner through Dell too. That's more S & H on top of the higher cost of toner. Wahaha.
Sep. 24th, 2003 04:25 am (UTC)
Re: Income
Hey you think your boss is a tightwad? Mine is having the Bush's (as in president) over this month for dinner at his indian hill home, has five Bentleys (Rolls Royce) a Ferrari and I don't know what else, yet our Christmas bonuses were cut off, our health insurance has raised, and our salaries have not.

I keep on trying to get him to adopt me but it's not working. :-)
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