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My Weekend in Brief

Fri - can't remember a damn thing, isn't that sad? All I recall is that Cam wanted to spend the night with his mamaw but didn't say anything until he was snug into bed.

Sat - Was insane. The stupid water softener flooded the sink and there was water everywhere and I had to go on a laundry washing frenzie. Friends stopped by to show us their new baby girl, very adorable. Then we went to lunch. BBK was in ultra cranky mode - that child is such a good mix of me and her father in that regard - yes I COULD blame him for her moods, but I know she's very much like me too. So after eating lunch we went home and bigstan who took the day off of Renn took The Man and they got their hair cut.

BBK and I both took a nap. When DH and Cam came home I woke up and Cam appeared bald. I'm like !!!! and DH said that they cut it at a 2 but that he let Cam decide if he wanted it shorter and he did. So it was cut at at 1 and Cam, while he has hair, appears bald. Its the fact that his hair is so light that makes him look that way.

DH said that the person cutting Cam's hair initally gave him a mohawk as a joke. Cam begged to keep it and DH asked him if he had a mommy death wish for himself, DH and the person cutting his hair. So *buzzzt* went the mohawk AND the hair.

Sigh. But it looks good. And DH looks MUCH better with a closer shaved undercut. And clipped facial hair. He's downright sexy. But that's just MO.

The kids then begged to go skating and we got them all geared up and they skated to the end of the block and back stopping to skate in Meg's driveway as it is concrete. They were invited back to play with Tori on Sun.

We then went to mom's as Cam was spending the night and BBK and he stayed there while DH and I went to JJ's to get sushi.

While roaming JJs rude people were everywhere. I was cut in front of and that pissed me off. DH offered to take care of a few things for me as he KNEW that had sent me and he didn't want me in a bad mood for our evening. So I let him and then we left JJs.

At mom's we enjoyed sushi, grossing my mom out. BBK and Cam both ate some sushi and liked it.

Cam spent the night with mom, went to church with her, and I was told to come get him at about 1:30 or 2.

BBK and I lay around the house and she colored and we snuggled on the couch and watched Scooby Doo (my very fav cartoon).

Then we went to get Cam. So I got there at 2:30 and mom was gone to get KK. So we went down to see Papaw.

He was down for a nap but I invaded (I have a key) and BBK played, danced, sang for us. He and I talked about me learning about the books and the farms.

Then mom called me on the cell and BBK & I headed up to mamaw's house.

We hung out long enough to watch James & The Giant Peach (which I found pretty stupid but can see why kids like it - I think I have seen the taller aunt in the British comedy show Absolutely Fabulous and she's as ugly there as she is in this movie).

Then we went home and the kids when to Meg's to play with Tori. After about half an hour Meg called to say that Becca (a neighbor girl) was walking them down. As soon as they hit the door the twins next door wanted them to come out and play and they piggybacked them to the back yard and played for another hour outside before I made them come in for dinner and bath time.

It was a wonderful weekend. I am happy to be mommy and be with my kids!!!



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