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Been a Good Day

I'm tired. It seemed like a long day. I was busy at work.

I will apologize in advance for this being long. I still have yet to go learn how to do the "cut" yet. Call me lazy. :)

I picked up kiddlings at daycare. Cam was watching a movie with the older kids and BBK was in her preschool class. The teacher made bookmarks for each of the kids. Today they learned that C was for Cat and she has a cat bookmark with her name on it.

I am so impressed with this teacher. Cam NEVER learned liked this in Head Start. I'm not knocking Head Start, I couldn't have afforded preschool any other way then and I think he got a good education when I finally got him stable in a bright learning environment with stable teachers. Trinity Head Start is very good program IMO.

But Ms. K, who went to school with my bro M and SIL J, is just a delight and a wonder. The first week of preschool was the letter A and number 1. I have a candybar ant in my fridge right now to keep it from melting. I have a glitter (hear bigstan hissing right now at the word "glitter") alligator that hangs on the fridge and keeps pictures that BBK has drawn for me. Week two was the letter B and number 2. She made a butterfly and did a few other things and learned that what we call her "Becka" starts with the letter B. This week has been the letter C and the number 3. She brought home a picture of tissue she cut up, she got a cap, and today her bookmark with the cat on it. She also made a cupcake and ate it as a snack one day.

With each corresponding letter they are also learning how to sign that letter. Meaning sign language. She can now show me the letters A, B & C in sign language.

How could I pull her from that and put her into Head Start (she was accepted last year and once accepted, they do not turn them away)? I can't. Ms. K only works Mon - Thurs so I plan on keeping BBK there at the daycare in the preschool program with Ms. K those four days a week.

Can you tell how happy I am?

Cam comes home daily with work he has done at school that day. Word finds and writing letters and coloring pictures. He made a puppet this week and so far has nightly turned their bunk bed into a theatre and entertained his sister.

I wonder if he's bored while there because so much of what they do he has already done in Head Start. Its like he's repeating what he used to bring home to me when he was 3. I think that the school assumes that 90% or more of the kindergartener's they get in did not go to preschool.

With Head Start available to families of lower moderate income, how could you NOT send your child???!!!

He's getting so big. He's growing so fast. The things he does, says, his behaviors. I feel like I've missed out on so much already and he's only 5. I look forward to being at home with them both.

I'm debating driving him to school and picking him up daily instead of making him ride the bus. Yet the bus is so much more convenient and it lets him spread his wings and fly and be a big boy away from mommy's mother hen cooing. What do I do, what do I do. Mother hen, let him fly, let him fly, mother hen.

I know, he'll want me to be mother hen. For a while longer yet. So should I push baby bird out of the nest? I don't know.

There's just something there about being able to be mother hen until he goes "ew mom, get away from me! I don't want the other kids to think I've got you hanging around. That's so not cool."

That day is a comin. Oh yes it is. WAAAAAAAA

Okay, enough of that.

So at home I go to the basement and start doing some cleaning down there. Upstairs just feels like a mountain right now.

I moved totes around and I looked into them and discovered a world of clothing that needs to go anywhere else but here.

My Papaw wants us to have a yard sale. A family yard sale. I think that his front yard is just big enough for one, don't you? (For those of you who know where he lives on that farm and what it looks like from the road.)

I've got boys clothing out the wazzu. I've been lucky in having two younger nieces and Lil Miss to pass clothing along to from the girl perspective. Not much in the way of pile up there.

I've also got MY clothing out the wazzu. Clothing that I will probably never get my fat ass into ever again. And if I do, then I will want new clothing to put it into.

I have so much shit piled up down there. Wrestling mags from my past wrestling fascination days in the 80s. Star Trek toys that probably have zero collector value. Though I think I shall keep my wrestling figures. Cam has Brutus The Barber Beefcake in a toy box down there somewhere and I have the British Bulldogs hidden away.

Mind you, THESE wrestling toys are the old rubber ones. Not this cheap plastic wannabe bendy jointed crap.

I liked Nikita Koloff (?sp) too but I don't think they ever made an action figure of him because if they did I would have had it.

I started moving some of DH's stuff to the basement. He complains there is no place for his clothes yet there is an unused dresser down there, plus I went and bought him one of those closets. I had gotten one for myself too earlier but I could not find the same size when I got him his. There are now to chests at my mom's house ready to come over here and go down there to join the dresser.

I've got some of my own clothing just piled up around. Its because my chest of drawers had a problem. The wooden piece that the drawer slid in on kept falling off because the staples that held it in were bent. This has been like this for some time.

Another drawer the handle had broken in a very inconvenient place.

So tonight, I did what any self respecting Mann would do and I got out the wood glue, the hammer and a nail and the crazy glue and I went to work.

The wooden piece is now both wood glued and nailed in. The drawer handle is drying from the crazy glue.

My Papaw, he'd be so proud of me. Of course he would have done this a long time ago, but he'd be proud of me just the same.

Now DH and I both have a place for our clothing.

Well, I'm off to eat some Japanese cookies I made that are currently chilling in the fridge and then I'm off to bed.

A thought that I was toying with today is I wonder if I can change just my maiden name. Like go back and take that no good SOB sperm donor off entirely and change my last name on my birth certificate. If I could, then I would. I just wonder. I'll have to take it up with the current assistant to our new judge. She used to take care of that part at the Probate Court and she would know.



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