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Parental Way Cool

I took the kids to see Power Puff Girls movie this past Thursday. We went to Danbury Cinemas, Middletown. They have been upgrading the theatre and added stadium seating to all theatres. But that is not the parental way cool. As Camden is 4 1/2 and only weighs about 37 pounds and as Beck is 2 1/2 and only weights in at 34 pounds, neither child is heavy enough to hold the seats down. Also, neither is big enough to really see the screen.

So as we go into the theatre, I see booster seats. I'm thinking, hummmm. Then I decide, no, we won't try them. So we get in the theatre and there is no one in there but us to begin with and Beck is complaining about not being able to keep the seat up. So there is a booster seat in the row in front of us. I grab it. It has the two side effect where one side sits them up higher than the other. And I notice that there is a weight in it. So I put it on the highest side and sit Beck back down into it. She is a happy camper.

Now Camden begins to complain, so I tell them to STAY in no uncertain terms and I go back out to the lobby and get another booster seat.

This one I put into the seat on the lower setting side and Camden sits back down, much happier because the seat is not flipping up on him and he is in a better position to see the screen.

The movie was enjoyable for all. Except mommy was an oscillating fan switching back and forth as I had a child on either side of me and we were sharing a large Coke and medium popcorn. That is until Camden decided to knock the popcorn out of my hand and send it flying down the aisle.

But otherwise, all was good and everyone was much happier in their seats.

Danbury is a winner in my book for being the most kid friendly that I have been to in a long time.

While Stan and I enjoy going to Showcase Springdale, and will probably continue to go there for our movie viewing pleasure, Danbury is my pick for places to take my children to see the movies.

Danburry, you get this mom's Parental Way Cool award for the booster seats.

And as a side note, I did ask Showcase Springdale if they had the booster seats and was told that they didn't even know that they existed.


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Jul. 26th, 2002 08:29 am (UTC)
Hippo birdies to EWE!!!!
Hippo Birdies to EWE!!!!

Too bad I wont see you this weekend, but can us 3 in for BigStan!!!

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