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All the difference in the world

Did you ever notice how it is when you go from one computer to the next? From work to home? From your workstation to someone elses?

A newer, faster computer with a larger screen - so nice.

This week I have basically given up my work computer. In the AM until about 1. Because the new girl needs to get used to working on it - its her's now.

But that leaves me stuck with the dinosaur. The Compaq. The hated with a passion machine and its 15 inch monitor. I find myself squinting.

Then in the afternoon I come back to the new Dell. Its 17 in monitor that makes everything appear huge in comparrison.

I go from the laserjet to the Canon Bubble back to the laserjet.

The speeds on the two machines - are centuries apart.

The Compaq 3 years ago was the latest - it was equilivant to a P2 I think. The Dell has a P4.

Even with the highspeed connection on the internet the Compaq is so very slow. I could hum the Jeapordy theme song a dozen times while waiting on one screen to download.

Even the Dell has its moments of slowness. Can't expect much from a DSL line.

I've got cable connection at home and that is so fast. I love it. Its worth the money to be able to be there immediately and not have to wait even 5 seconds.

There I go, showing my hyper side. So hyper that I can't even wait on an internet connection. LOL

Am I a snob?

Probably. I'm a computer snob, an internet snob. If its not fast, I don't want it. Because it has to keep up with me. And I'm moving at the speed of me - and that's pretty darn fast.



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