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I am mad! Mad I tell you!

Insane that is. But you already knew that didn't you?

I'm a cleaning freak. A fiend. Orange glo has proven to be a good friend to me today. My wrists hurt. Swiffer Wet Jet is also good to me, but not as good as it should be. It doesn't cut the deep grime. I don't know of anything that can other than getting down on my hands and knees and scrubbing the hell out of the kitchen floor. TG its a small kitchen. Because that's what I'm gonna have to do. With the bathroom too. Sigh.

But the stove is cleaner than I ever thought I could see it - last time it looked this clean on the outside was when it was brand new.

All ceiling fans are finally clean. What a good H I have.

Only problem - I have sick child. First - B Man gets this thing and gives it to C and to his mommy. Not C Man's mommy, B Man's mommy. So C Man has it and missed school for the first time. Then H gets the - as my papaw calls them - Back Door Trots. Don't the older gen just crack you up?

So today I get a call at 3:25 from the daycare. BBK has just puked more than they thought she had in her whole body. Its the PG teach that calls me freakin out. So I left work 1/2 hour early and head home. I get to daycare. PG teach meets me at the door. TG you're here! She exclaims - BBK just threw up again!

I get into the daycare to find BBK sitting in a chair looking like she could pass out. But she hops up, and gets her coat on, and we leave with her and C.

I grab her blankie and her doggie pillow and she takes them from me and bounces out of daycare.

I figure I will wash them as I'm sure they are contaminated.

But she has now attached herself to them and I figure it can't hurt to let her have them for a while longer.

I tell daycare not to expect her tomorrow.

We get home and she plops down on the couch. Within a few minutes she wants juice so I give her Hawian Punch. This stays down. Then she's hungry. So I give her crackers. They stay down. She's thirsty again, so I give her water. Which she promptly pours all over the couch. Sigh.

At least its water.

Then she proceeds to play and bounce around like nothings happend to her today.

They go downstairs and within minutes C Man is back upstairs to tell me that BBK has puked on the basement floor. Its only a little bit.

But I clean it up - its on concrete - and send them upstairs.

BBK lies down on the couch and is gone. Snoring.

C Man and I lay down in the chair and watch L & O SVU - I'm addicted to it - and we cuddle for a bit before he wants to draw me a pretty picture. So he gets his markers and then he wants to draw a bat. So he gets this mask that's in the back of a box that's empty and I cut it out for him.

While I'm cutting BBK wakes up and decides to thow up on the couch and her doggy pillow.

I run for the puke bowl and put it under her. She only threw up a little bit more. In the meantime I'm cleaning the couch.

It looks like Pepto. But I know its the Hawian Punch from earlier. No cracker pieces which means that those digested.


So I went ahead and put them to bed. It was 9 anyway.

BBK looks like she's been drugged. She's running a slight fever. Not very high. Just like C did. Low grade is all.

I'm not jinxing myself. I'm prone to strep at the drop of a hat.

The puke bowl is next to her and I have left their door open enough for me to hear anything going on in there in case I have to run for it.

Here we go again.

TG we are not going around anyone until Saturday. Well, other than kid drop off on Friday.

And other than DH having school Mon-Wed-Fri.

Oh, DH went to dentist today and the news he was dreading never came. 2 extractions and 4 fillings are all he needs. This is very good news. He was expecting root canal.

Well, I'd better get offa here. Loki is eyeing the open pack of paper towels.

Anyone who has had Loki experience can tell you, besides small rodents (now that includes baby bunnies), paper towels are his next favorite thing to attack and shread.



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