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Slip of Ye Olde Tongue

C is going as a "Knight In Shining Armor" for his Halloween Party. He wants to take his sword and shield. They are wood. I told him I would ask his teacher.

So I do and she said that was fine and that he would have to put them up after the parade for the party. I'm fine with this and after telling him he was okay with it to because it meant that he got to take it and show it off.

The teacher asks me if he has to remove anything to eat. I'm like, No, I got his costume at Renn Faire and its all material. I was trying to explain that the material was shiny and I said "The material is shitty."

The teacher and I were both dying laughing. R was there and he just chuckled. He said it would make a good story and he couldn't wait to tell Sorcha. I wonder if he remembered to do so. Sorcha, let me know if he did.

We had parent/teacher conferences tonight. There is a lot he has to learn, there is a lot he already knows, the state is now testing them in Kindergarten!

This is not the kindergarten of my youth. When *I* was in kindergarten it was like preschool is now days.

Good news is he's a leader. In other news when he gets frustrated he steps back and takes a break before he comes back to the table with the other kids.

This is good. I can be like this. I'm both ways. I can step back OR I can be confrontational.

When I'm feeling particularly juvenile and in that kind of mood I'm confrontational. Or petty. No comments from the peanut gallery!

Lately I prefer to step back and away and get my head together before I come back to play.

But the fact that I told his teacher that his costume was "shitty" instead of "shiny" is just too funny. DOH!


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Oct. 28th, 2003 08:19 am (UTC)
I asked him how things went last night and all he told me was "Camden's doing fine and there's a new thingie for them to follow" Real specific eh?

But that is funny. I'll see you and him tonight at 7. I'm going to have to drive up there seperately with the kid in tow.
Oct. 28th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC)
Thinking of you
Good thoughts for you guys tonight!

Well, you are one up on me. I don't remember kindergarten.
Parent/teacher conferences. school buses. eekk!!

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