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Ever have one of these?

Dita does, I did but I think he got the message, mom just can't seem to shake hers.

Man. Man who won't go away. Man who can't understand that the bridge has been burnt - gone up in flames - fire - destruction - explosion - KA BOOM - dead - gone - good bye.

After Bug told him off (her father) and he went away for a while, the Bill finds he's coming around Sonic to find HIM. So I tell the Bill its just because he's frustrated that he pissed Bug off and she's not speaking to him and he can't keep tabs on mom that way so he's trying another approach.

He so knows way better than to honk around here. I'll give him a honk alright. TO THE MOON THOMAS - TO THE MOON!

So after not connecting with the Bill, he decides to physically go to Bug. He tells her the same damn story about this stupid debt.

Background - he took out a loan but his credit's so bad that mom had to co-sign. She got the judge in her divorce to make him 100% responsible for it. Yeah, I know this sometimes doesn't always stick, but its more than worth the shot.

Mom dealt with the attorney for the creditor on the debt and the attorney said that they were garnishing T.O.P.'s wages and as long as they could do this they would so she has nothing to worry about unless he quits his job.

Well, the place he works is so hard up for labor that they wouldn't fire him and he's too stupid to quit. The missing link this one.

So - he tells Bug that he's talked to an attorney (he's famous for this line - he's never talked to any attorney) who told him that when the debt was paid in full he could sue mom and put a lien on her house.

Ok, last time he told Bug that there was already a lien on mom's house for this debt, that when he paid it in full he was going to take over the lien and take mom's house. It didn't fly then, so he's trying a different approach. Yeah, real original. Told you the missing link.

THEN he goes on about this mortgage that he cosigned (he never did) for $10,000 and that the company is coming against him for it too and he's going to force mom to sell her house and he's going to take it and blah blah blah.

He just cannot get off this - put a lien on her house and force her to sell it - thing.

So far, I've heard three different stories here, all with the same ending, and all of it bullshit - is that your take too?

So he gets Bug all riled up AGAIN with this same damn thing and she calls me.

See, he did this a while back had her freakin out that there was a lien on mom's house and that someone was going to foreclose and I had to explain it to her then and this is what I repeated this time -

The doofus is too stupid and ignorant to read his own divorce decree which says that he's 100% responsible for the debt.

There is no lien on mom's house. If he sued all she would have to do is produce a copy of her decree and the judge would dismiss the case where Missing Link Boy could not re-file it.

She paid off all of her outstanding debt with her re-fi of her house. He's blowing smoke out his ass (which is so NOT unusual for him - King of the Gas People).

How many times do I have to repeat myself to you? I ask Bug. She's now pissed at him for confusing her.

True blond my sister dear. Showing a wee bit that she is also his daughter.

TG I got the brains in this bunch. TG I had my Nana to raise me.

My mother is mentally 16 - I swear it! My youngest sister is literally mentally 16. My sister Bug is ditzy as all get out (not that I can't be). J-Bro thinks that the world owes him a living and that no matter how equal the inheritance is, everyone is getting more than he and I'm getting it all. What-ever! Ray Wood Jr.

Beware the conspiracy! Wait! If I'm getting everything, where's the conspiracy in that?

Oh! Dita, you're conspiring with me aren't you? I knew it. I had a co-hort in crime. MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway, I digress - Bug asks me what to do when he comes back around or calls. I tell her just to tell him to read his divorce decree, he has no leg to stand on and his penis doesn't count, like it ever did, and tell him that this is the last time he is to contact her / come on her property, and that if he attempts to call / appear again she was calling the police as this was harassment. She's a "special deputy" with the sheriff's department for crijimminy sakes! Sheesh!

I told mom about this tonight and she sat and laughed her butt off. I told her that all he wants is to keep tabs on her, keep the family in an uproar, and its pissing him off because he has no control over her (or me - I've really got him in a tizzy over that one - I refuse to speak to him at all).

He wants in everyone's good graces against my mom. I last heard he was angry at me for not siding with him against my mom. WTF!

Wow, that man must think his penis is pretty big and strong to control THIS family.

Only idiots continue to speak to him. J-Bro speaks to him. Must mean J-Bro is an idoit. Yep, sure does.

As my papaw says - that boy's ignert. (Trans: ignorant)

Don't you just love those old timers? I know I do.

I only hope Bug listens to me and tells him to go jump in a lake. The Bill already assures me that he would do the same. The Bill would just avoid him altogether.

Which leaves him NO PLACE TO GO. Cause see, J-Bro doesn't speak to mom. Not at all. Doesn't call. Doesn't anything. If he suddenly started, I would indeed be suspecious of his intentions.

Not that I'm like that or anything. "Paranoia Paranoia Everybody's Comin To Get Me"

Sigh. Can someone please stop this soap opera and let me return to my regularly scheduled life?


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Oct. 28th, 2003 07:01 am (UTC)
We have foretold these events
That one has no doubt I would cut the heart out of his chest.

We have talked about this. Everything that T is doing, we already said he would try to DO.

We know YOU are going to be the one holding the family together. Emotionally and moneywise. You are going to be in the postion to dispearse the funds as you see fit. Keep the farms, run the farm, short J-Bro in the process.

instead of cohort ~ how about advisor?

Oct. 29th, 2003 02:06 pm (UTC)
Re: We have foretold these events
Always up for advice from my advisor!

Bug tells me he stopped by today for Bean's B-Day (she's 3 today) and tells Bug that in 3 weeks he's filing bankruptcy.

He's been going to file bankruptcy for 6 years now. I told her I would believe it when I see it.

That doesn't mean that they will come back on mom for anything though. Depends on the type of bankruptcy he files. I don't think he's got enough to file a 7 but maybe he has. With what he makes I think he would have to file a 13. Yet as I said, I will believe it when I see it.
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