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Its about time too. So far I haven't slowed down. We've rearranged the kitchen and the dining room. The living room is next.

THEN the basement needs to be completed in the one corner for a bedroom.

So much to do.

My days are broken up by taking BBK to preschool then picking her up, fixing them lunch, then putting her down for a nap and taking C to school.

Lucky for me that DH is still home because I CAN put BBK down for her nap and leave her here with him.

Yesterday I could not as DH had a dental appointment with the oral surgeon.

So I got some running around done.

BBK has new jeans - much needed new jeans. Right now the kids can mix and match as they wear the same size.

The new shirt I got her is a size 6 and TOO SMALL. Yes, you heard me correctly, too small. I'm like ??? when I put it on her.

Sleeves are long enough, shirt length is not. Sigh. But she's cute in it nonetheless.

For those of you on my lists of messengers - starting soon I'm going to have them up so I can chat with you while I get housework done / kids asleep / eating lunch / whatever.

Watch for me.

Tomorrow is C's Halloween party. I volunteered to send drinks and paper products. I'm only one of four parents who did volunteer for anything. So I got a phone call from the room mom (the job was already taken before I got a chance to grab for it - that was one quick mom) asking that I do more if I can. So I'm going in to help out too.

News Break! Dita just rang w/news that the Pet is wanted by the Postal Service to take a physical and drug test. "Its not a job yet" says Dita "But its one step closer to one."

Does the happy dance for Dita and Pet.

Much love and hope sent your way from the Holmes family. MU-WAH

Well, that's it for now from me. Watch the messengers for me.



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