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I hate this weather

I'm currently all stuffed up with the treat of a sore throat. That treat means that strep is close behind if I can't nip it in the bud now.

I've taken all kinds of good stuff to try to kick it.

Fingers are crossed it works.

The good news is that now I have good speakers for my comp and a great new mouse. Its optical so I'm getting used to it.

My wrist is still recovering from painting and we are not done yet. Why? Because DH doesn't move as fast as I do.

In our relationship I am the "must do it now" and he is the "whenever".

This is very frustrating. This wall WILL be finished tomorrow. *cracks the whip*

Last night was skate night for the PTO and we took the kids. Got Boo out on the floor too. C fell a lot but he's still learning. He's not afraid to get out there and skate. While he's up he is a speed demon. Or he appears to be one. IR he is not that fast - its how he skates that makes him appear to be taking off. He's 5.

The younger kids (K-2nd) were given a whole hour to skate. It was great and much fun was had by them. I went to the last PTO meeting to fight for this. Half an hour just was not enough IMO.

Some of his buddies didn't get there until late so they didn't have the time on the floor that he did. They stayed longer too. He was not pleased with me for making him leave after the hour for them was up.

But once those older kids took the floor, despite the warning by the management to watch out for the little kids, the older kids were zooming around and expected the smaller kids to move out of their way.

One kid even said that Kindergartners suck. That's a quote. Then he started talking to us. I said, So, Kindergartners suck huh? He said Yeah they do. I'm like, why? Him - Because they take up the time when we could be on the floor. In fact, I already have done a couple of laps. Me - Really? What grade are you in? Him- 3rd. Me - so, you were never a kindergartner? Him - well, yeah, duh, I couldn't be in 3rd grade if I weren't a kindergartner first. Me - so, when you were a kindergartner, did you suck? Him - no. Me - so whatever grade you are NOT in sucks? Him - no, the older grades are cool. Me - Ah. Did you happen to think that the 6th graders might think that 3rd graders suck? Him - blank look, blink blink

No further conversation took place between us. Then we got C off the floor right in front of him.


C had one hour. That third grader had two hours - plus the laps he snuck in - with the older grades. Shakes head.

I knew that the older kids had no respect for the younger ones. Yes, this is only ONE child expressing his opinion, I get that. But I was once a younger kid and I remember how as I grew my POV on the kids changed.

I'm drawing on my own youth now and THAT is what caused me to go to the PTO and say "hey! the younger kids need more time" Of course parents of older kids fought that, but its clear that they are thinking on the level of their older kids and that's fine.

But even if C was one of those older kids, I could remember back on his younger kid days and fight for the young ones getting their one hour.

I also understand that there are parents who work who might not be able to make it at 5:30. That's when it becomes that parent(s) decision about whether to take their child to something where the child could get run over and harmed by older kids.

Up until now, I refused to take C because of this. Now that he has time (and believe me, the floor was busy with the K-2nd the entire time we were there) then I have no problem taking him.

The fact that I can take Boo out there too to skate is also a bonus.

If the older kids parents in the PTO want to be giant asses and boycot the skate night, that's their perogative and that's fine. They are hurting no one but their kids.

Sigh, I hate this weather, sinuses, headache, sore throat, grumpy. I'm ready for my nap now. Too bad its not going to happen.



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