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The Weekend

Saturday found me with C at Skateway for Kids Club. His buddy's mom suggested we take them at the skate party on Thurs and since I had C I thought this would be a good time.

For 2 hours they skated, did the Hokey Pokey, Chicken Dance and played skee ball and table hockey.

This is apparently a every Saturday morning event.

C's favorite skate activities were the limbo and the Wipe Out. The limbo is a given. Everyone knows what that is. Wipe Out is where they play the song Wipe Out and then randomly insert a gunfire type of noise and everyone hits the floor. Its a boys vs. girls contest and they do this X # of times and at the end of the song the DJ tallys up how many points who got and tells them if they boys or girls won.

Basically, to get points, if a girl is the last one up, the boys score, and if a boy is the last one up, the girls score.

Boys won this time.

C and his buddy were almost inseparable. Almost.

There was even a lights out skate and the kids wore those flashing light things or the necklace things that you get at fairs and such. I got C and his buddy each a necklace. Although they begged for flashing things.

After it was over, we invited the buddy over for a couple of hours and the boys played themselves silly.

I went out to lunch with Lorie B. and we had much good girlie gossip. Woo Woo!!

Then I came home and we chatted some more here and then buddy's mom came and picked him up and buddy wanted C to go with him but they had already been together since 10:30 a.m. and it was 3 p.m.

Then after things calmed down the phone rings and its Lorri S. asking if we wanted to meet for dinner. Lorri S. has two girls - one has CP and siezures and in a wheelchair. The other is totally normal pre-teen driving her mom crazy.

So we headed out to dinner with the S. family and had much good talk there too.

Sunday I wake up in a funk. My sinuses have gotten the best of me. I'm lethargic. All day. I took multiple naps. Late in the evening my body decides that what little I've eaten and drank must come out. Sigh. Ugh.

I'm better today though sinuses still acting up. I currently have a sinus headache.

The sad part of the weekend is that I learned from buddy's mom that they will be moving away in the early part of the summer after school is out. They are moving to Texas.

So until then, I hope that I can get C and his buddy together as often as possible.

I hate for him to get attached to someone who is moving away, but at the same time I want him to enjoy this time with a friend who he really likes and who really likes him.

DH said that the boys played hard together and were pretty much in his face the entire time the buddy was here. The only time he lost track of them was when they got out the play doh and were content to sit in front of a movie playing with play doh. But even then, you could still see them.

So even though I had a bad weekend physically, otherwise it was pretty good.



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