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Because I'm in a really weird mood

Here are two poems I wrote about two or so years ago and I never said that they made sense then either.

Can't talk
Tongue tied
I don't know what to say

Head hurts
Heart aches
Now guilt is in my way

To know you
Is to know me
I apologize

Selfish thoughts
Selfish feelings
My stress
Held in

Your stress
And quite possibly more
Comes out of your actions
Or lack thereof
Where I am concerned

Your voice
To me;
You got used to being alone

Your voice
To me;
You are not ready yet

For many things

So what I think
Is perhaps
You are not ready yet

For me

This one is pretty strange too...

This means to me
its time to leave

Its time to say goodbye

My dearest heart
my precious love

I will need you still

Because I don't

But I see
no other way
to stop causing you
this turmoil

Best wishes

All my love

DH found these while excavating under the computer desk. He asked me if they were about him. At the time, they probably were. We went through some really though times. We almost broke up a time or two.

Ask his former roomies. Ask Dita. Ask W. We went to counseling with this wonderful therapist who eventually did our marital counseling. We are to set an appoinment to follow up with him at our six month anniversary. That's coming up next month. Wow. Time flies!

I've got this whole book of poetry somewhere. I think I put it up.

We are currently getting ready to rearrange the living room. That and the ceiling in the basement are our next big projects.

Told you I was in a really weird mood, this post rambles and makes little sense.



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