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General Ramblings About Life Today

DH had his interview and felt it went well. Of course they had 150 people to interview today in a 3 hour time period. But he thought they talked positively. Don't know when he will hear from them so I will not hold my breath. When he's got a green light then I will get excited.

BBK (stands for Becka Boo Kitten) and I spent the day together watching TV, going to Mamaw's and watching Finding Nemo. In between time we went and got KK and went to WalMart over by Aunt Bug's house and walked around with Mamaw & KK.

We bought some baby stuff for Aunt Ammana's (how BBK says it) baby shower next week.

Mamaw had been given this Leap Frog Imagination Desk by a lady at her work. It only came with two activities. So while at WM Mamaw picked up Dora the Explorer activity.

Basically its a giant coloring book with tear out pages and a cassette that you plug into the Desk.

Both the kids can use this. It has number recognition, alphabet learning. The Dora activity also has learning Spanish and extra things.

Mostly its learning by coloring. I can even print extra pages off the Net for this thing. Of course I can only print off and use the ones that are for the original alphabet game or for this Dora activity because the first doesn't have a cassette and the second one does. If I were to print off something that I dont' have the cassette for then it won't work on the Desk. *rolls eyes*

At least these activities are only $10 whereas the books and cassettes for My First Leap Pad are $13 and I don't know yet what the ones for the Leap Pad are.

We got My First Leap Pad for C last year. We figured they would both use it. He is so bored by it that he pretty much ignores it. Whenever we suggest he play with it we get sighs and eye rolls and a "whatever just to get you off my back" attitude.

BBK on the other hand loves it. So its hers now. And devilish me, I called her other Mamaw and Papaw and told them she has it and what books/cassettes to purchase. So I expect she will get at least one for her birthday or Christmas and if not from them then one of the miriad of relatives her father has (and abhores).

KK wanted to get Leap Pad for C. DH nixed that because of how C behaves with the My First LP. But after discussing it with DH, I think he understands that C may not be as bored with the big LP and its activities. He plays with it every time we are out at a store that has it and its open and we are in the aisle with it.

So Mamaw had a $20 gift certificate to Target and it was on sale and after tax paid about $22 for it with the certificate. So C is getting the big Leap Pad for Christmas.

While at WM, I showed KK some gift ideas for birthday for both of them. A View Master for BBK. A Simon game for C. Maybe they will get these things from KK, maybe not.


Mom's van was taken today to be fixed. She was so happy that they could pull the bumper back away from the tire and drive it. She cried. Silly mom. But she loves this van. It was her dream van. Its so large that it can carry her and KK, my entire group, and 3 more people. That's 9 people. We've actually gotten 10 in with Lil Bro sitting in the floor between kiddlings.

She has been fighting with the ins co for a week now. They wanted to total it out and pay her less than blue book for it. I told her that would happen. They suggested that she was 20% liable for the accident because she knew of the area being high accident, especially in incliment weather - as shown by her doing less than the speed limit with the rain that night, and because their insured thought mom had her turn signal on even though mom told the co that she didn't.

Its not that they did not believe my mom, but they had to believe that their insured saw what she thought she saw, even tho the accident report stated it was their insured's fault.

My mom had to prove to them that she had all this work done to the van previously, that she had the ammenities in the van she said she had, that it held the capacity she said it did, blah blah blah.

Even after she faxed over all of this information they upped the price but still told her that they would total it out, etc.

So my mom said to them 'You do what you feel you have to do. However, I'm not accepting any less than you fixing my van. And I feel that I must inform you that my daughter is a paralegal for a PI attorney and that the day after the accident he was ready to jump on this. So, I'm going to hang up now and call my daughter and talk to her boss and give him this information and I will let him handle you from here.'

About 10 minutes after this conversation my mom gets this call from the insurance co telling her that they will pay to have her van fixed and will pay me for allowing my mother to use my car.

My mom is such a fibber.

Yes, I USED to do PI, but I'm happy to be away from there now. WHEEEEEE.

But the fib got her van fixed, got me money, and everyone is happy. Except maybe the insurance company. LOL

Well, off to get BBK to bed. Ta!



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